Half year


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Today is 12th June 2019, half year has passed. We have learnt, achieved or fallen on something in training.
I have achieved bodyweight press on kettlebells ( double 33 kg) and on the barbell ( pressed 70 kg). I have deadlifted 150 kg ( not including the bar weight), held 11 seconds straddle planche, held the free handstand for the first time.
I have fallen on manything, especially follow a single program to the T. I have also chosen the program and the weight out of my league. Also, i have fallen on logging my training.
When i remembered all the thing i have done this year, i though that only the bodyweight press is related to my training in this year. The deadlift and the straddle planche are like a side effects of structured training in last year.
The simple training could be very effective, but i have to have a gut to follow it without a doubt, or change this and that and this and that and fall miserably.
What about you guys? I'm curious about the wisdom you have achieved by training in 2019. Please share.
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