Hampton urethane kettlebells?

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  1. Karl

    Karl Double-Digit Post Count

    Anyone have opinions on Hampton urethane kettlebells?

    From what I've found they are one of the few kettlebells on GSA advantage. I guess only gov employees will understand that. I just took a promotion from being a wildland firefighter Hotshot squad leader to a battalion chief in charge of 2 wildland fire engine crews. I would like to get some kettlebells for the 12 employees I will be leading. Granted they have no kettlebell experience, actually they don't have much of a pt program so we'll be starting with 8,16,and 24kg bells. I personally own ader cast kettlebells , have used rogue, again faster, and rep.

    Thank you,

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  2. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    I took a quick look. I believe the _handle_ is also urethane. If I am interpreting the pictures correctly, that wouldn't work for what we do with kettlebells at StrongFirst.

    Congratulations on your promotion, @Karl.

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  3. Steve W.

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    I agree with @Steve Freides about the handles.

    Also, any KB I've ever tried with any sort of rubberized finish was uncomfortably grabby on forearm skin/hair.
  4. Tobias Wissmueller

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    You sound like a cool boss. You don't happen to need a computer scientist ... ? :rolleyes:


    Congrats on the promotion! (y)
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  5. Oscar

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    Question: do you think you need 8 kg kb? I personally wouldn't see the point in owning one. Maybe for ladies?
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  6. Dasho

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    There are some Gibson competition kettlebells on GSA advantage that might better suit your needs, handle differences aside.

    Also, I would imagine that any ladies already serving on one of your crews have probably surpassed what an 8 kg kettlebell could do for them. The Gibsons have 12's you could start them with instead. They might even be ok starting with 16's for all I know :/
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  7. North Coast Miller

    North Coast Miller More than 2500 posts

    Am not sure what the coating is. Have used urethane epoxy paints that were no more grippy than the epoxy/paint coating on many KBs. Tough to tell from the description. If the $ is right, I'd send them an email to clarify.

    My mail order ones have come from Perform Better. My local Dicksportinggoods is now stocking powdercoat KBs for a reasonable price that look like very good quality.
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  8. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    FWIW, I own some Perform Better and some Rep Fitness, the latter purchased at amazon.com. The finish is different, and if I had to pick one with money being no object, I'd pick Perform Better, but only by a little. Since I think the Rep Fitness are just fine, and a much better value, they're what I've been buying.

  9. Karl

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    @Steve Freides and @Steve W. That is what I was worried about. Being a US gov employee they want us to use gsa contracts and they frown on Amazon. I know it's silly but even if I could get it something for cheaper on Amazon I can't. I would by rep fitness if I could.

    @Tobias Wissmueller glad you think so. I will have to pinch pennies to get these folks some equipment. Many of my new employees are not excited, they are not use to required organized pt.

    @Oscar I think I will need 8 kg because of some of the ladys, plus most of the temp employeed are generally first or second year firefighters. I'm having to change my expectation from type a, highly motivated hotshots to engine crews who have not had strong leadership with physical fitness as an expectation for many years. Start small and grow them into it.

    @Dasho I will look into those, I must have missed them on gsa. Thank you.

    @North Coast Miller and @Steve Freides Maybe I'll see if perform better has a gsa contract. Actually I will shoot Hampton an email, some of the bells don't look rubber coated.

    Thank you for the input everyone
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