Handstand pushup shoulder stability


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Yes but to a certain extent only because the HSPU is a vertical push

When you perform a GU you have the same vertical position only when you get to the lunge and when you stand straight. Otherwise you have an angle.

If one wants to get shoulder stability for the GU while using push ups, several variations of them would be necessary:
- Feet on the ground
- Several angles using feet élévation

I'd also add archer push ups for the lateral factor.

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Do handstand pushups give you stability in your shoulder like turkish getups do
I think stability is built in the positions that you train it. When I stopped doing get-ups and did barbell strength for a while (including overhead press), I didn't lose the ability to do a heavy 32kg get-up, but I did notice less stability in the "odd" positions such as tripod. So doing handstand push-ups should keep you stable overhead, but maybe not completely in the whole get-up. However, it can be easily maintained with a few get-ups, or regained when you bring them back to your training.

So I agree with Pet'. I'd also do side planks.
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