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Hey everybody,

A few months back I posted some material I had written up (a booklet and a collection of citations) about health and wellness. I posted it here (with Steves permission), although I’m not sure why I put it in the Exercise section, since it also included components of stress, sleep, and nutrition. It seemed like there was some interest in it, and since it’s something I plan on talking about quite a bit over the course of my career, I decided to put together some presentations based on the material. They’re not quite as organized as I would like, but I’m not really sure how to best organize things so that people can actually get useful information. That’s where ya’ll come in. I would like to invite anyone who has the interest and the time to check out the recordings of the presentations and give me whatever feedback comes to mind. Obviously, the lighting could be better and the audio is pretty rough; sorry about that, but I didn’t want to buy a camera mic just for my little project. Also, I had to splice clips together since my camera can only record 12 minutes of HD video at a time. Mostly I’m concerned with feedback about the organization and delivery of the material.

The written format of this information (about 20 pages) can be found here.

The running google doc for my citations is here.

And the presentations are as follows:

Introduction/behavior modification
Also, I put together a goal setting worksheet here



Nutrition (this one is long, buckle up)



Feel free to leave comments on YouTube, on the forum, or Tweet at me @snowmanmatt91. I don’t mention the forum on the videos because I don’t want to confuse anyone who gets to the videos via a different route. Also feel free to share any and all of the above information with whomever you please.

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