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Kettlebell heart rate doing RKC Deep 6

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Workout: A Group Lesson Plan for Conquering the Deep 6 | StrongFirst
Time: ~20 minutes
Sets: 3/5 - couldn't get to 5x5 yet
Working Weight: 24kg (just started with this weight 2 weeks ago)

Height: 5'11
Weight: 173lb
Age: 33
Kettlebell Experience: 2 years

I used an Apple Watch Series 3 to measure my heart rate. Noticed I stayed within my MAF zone for the most part, but there were times my heart rate peaked past, and I just kept going until I finished the set. Is the general theory to stop and rest as soon as the heart rate starts reaching the MAF number, or finish what you're doing and then rest?


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Anna C

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@thegoldengod I don't see heart rate mentioned in the Deep 6 article, so your question is unclear -- i.e. "general theory" -- for what purpose?

If AGT or A+A training, each protocol is a little different, but none that I know of have you watching the heart rate during the work set and stopping when it reaches a certain number.

If you're just working on doing the Deep 6 progression outlined there, then don't worry about your heart rate, just do what you can and some part of your body will stop you when you must stop (Deep 6 is evil like that ;) ).

But in any case, the HR indications are probably about right from what I can tell -- you're working hard, but not close to maxed out.
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