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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Colby, Oct 28, 2019.

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    What’s your average heart rate during a set of one arm swings maximal explosive 10 reps (10-15 sec). I seem to be getting around 127-135 but that seems a little low.
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  3. Anna C

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    In addition to the number of reps, it depends on:
    • The weight you're swinging
    • How explosively you swing and how hard you hold the plank
    • Your breathing during the set and between sets
    • Your normal resting HR
    • Your age
    • Your aerobic fitness
    • Your stress level and how amped up you are (sympathetic NS)
    • Whether you tend to have a "spikey" or "rounded" peak
    • Etc..... probably a few other factors, too.
    That said... 127-135 sounds about right :) And it matters less what number you tend to get vs. the pattern you see and how you use it. It's a learning process...
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    Always great to read your responses Anna.
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  5. Oscar

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    My typical response for 10 reps of 1 HS with a challenging weight is to start the set at HR 90-100 peaking at about 140 - 150. Done this way, I start one set every 1:30 to 2 minutes, more or less.
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    For the OP here are my measurements from today. I'm 57 @5'10" and 202 lbs. My resting heart rate was 52 today. (It used to be 50 but I'm recovering from a tear in my knee.) I did 100 one handed swings in groups of 20 at 32 kg and took 7:31. I'm new to 32 kg, but was swinging 30 kg for a month before. My peaks were 128, 135, 139, 143, & 142. Each time I rested down to 105 or 106.

    For me this is about 10 bpm higher than I would have liked. I know that my max heart rate on a VO2 Max test is about 145. So I'd like to peak around 130. Which will likely happen in another week of training. The big issue for you will be your age. You lose about 1 bpm each year. So if I was 47, that heart rate would be good for me.

    I use a Polar monitor with a chest strap each time I train. That gives me some good history to review to be able to measure progress. I can compare my training log to my heart rate and tell how hard I was working.
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    Nice work on the RHR... your stated max seems on the low side though.
    (I realize how individual this can be...)
    How did you test that?
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  8. Oso Rojo

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    Opps, I typoed, it's 148. That was VO2 Max, the max heart rate while doing a VO2 Max test. So it doesn't represent a true max. It's my willingness to continue on the treadmill. My calculated max is 163.

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