heat, humidity and hand care


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In Atlanta, GA the heat index has been over 100 and the humidity has been 50% or greater. I've had a challenge in keeping my hands healthy with snatches and I've opted to skip them for heavier one arm swings and two arm swings. However, I will be attending the Chicago recert and want to stay on point with snatches.

Any suggestions?

Currently, I try to keep my body and dry as possible so not sweat gets on my hands so I use a few towels. I don't want to over use chalk because I did that in my early days and did some serious damage that took some time to heal.




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Every night (or every other night) treat your calluses with pumice stone in warm water. But not too much, just a little. Then apply some moisturizer.

Use slock sleeves instead of chalk. Check them out here.

Some kettlebell handles are much rougher than others, so if you have the money you can also buy 1 or 2 with better handles.

And of course, really work on your snatch technique, especially the downward trajectory.
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