Hello. Could I get a form check?


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Hi all. 51 year old 20 lbs into dropping 50 and looking to get fitter and stronger while I still can. Hope to add swings to a very basic calisthenic routine, but want to make sure I'm doing them safely. Watched a lot of videos from the Pavels, Sokol, Nuepert, etc, but not sure where I'm at.

There's a 16kg kettlebell under the pink duct tape (it's a cheapo that got sticky sitting out in the sun) .

Appreciate any feedback and tips.


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You got a passing grade above, I see. If you can learn the swing on your own then you're attentive enough to self-learn other movements as well before you have to shell out for a heavier bell; 1H swings, cleans, presses, jerks, getups, one-legged deadlifts, arm bars, ...etc. You can build a healthy lifestyle around this pink-proud bell.

I wouldn't snatch it though. Its handle seems plastic coated which would be murder on your palms.

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@JeffF I agree looks solid. I did notice that your right foot is losing contact with the ground at times. Think about gripping that carpet with your toes. Also consider the angle that foot is turned. Typically we say about 30 degrees but everyone is slightly different... I doesn't look to me like your knee is tracking over your toes which is the goal to prevent what I'll call a "twisting" stress on the that knee.
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