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Kettlebell Hello from a new member

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Orestis F

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Hello Everybody

Nice to meet you all, I just joined the community and I would like to introduce myself and share with you my progress so far.

I'm 48 yo guy, living in Germany. I'm training in S&S and here is my story:

I found an article about S&S just by accident browsing in internet 4 years ago. I found it very interesting, since it was a training style with the benefits I was looking for and also a program I estimated I could integrate into my daily routine.

At that time I was not fit at all -although not seriously out of shape- and suffered from common back problems after almost 2 decades of office work. The only positive side was that because of those back problems I started some Rehabilitation exercises every morning and that was the first time in my life I followed an everyday exercise routine and kept it going on.

After I bought and read the book, I ordered the 16kg Kettlebell online but before even receiving it, after helping a friend moving into a new apartment, I got a lower back “stiffness” so I left the Bell on the side and I kept my RH program.

After a few months things went better and I started with a 12kg Kettlebell doing Gobbled Squats only (I actually found 16kg heavier than I expected) and very slowly and carefully I tried my first swings. Since I was training alone and all my info was from internet research (good that I found this forum early enough), I decided to go slow until I'm sure I'm doing it well and I won't risk any damage in my back.

I was training 4-5 days per week and I reached the 10x10 2-hand swings and 5x1 getups in about 4-5 months. After a short transition period between bell sizes I continued since March 2019 with 16kg and before last Christmas I started introducing 24kg and I reached 10x10 2H swings & 5x1 TUGs in March.

Begin of June I was thinking to add a couple of 1-hand swings into my training session but unfortunately I got a stubborn AC Joint injury, which is keeping me away from further progress.

Just to clarify: Actually I don't think I got injured from either Swings or TUG. I think it was a bad move during my warm up (early morning, not well slept, tight shoulders) which is worsen during the training after. After the first swings I already felt I bit weird but I didn't realized it was an injury; I completed the program and about 30min later I realized my shoulder is really aching. But as I said, I don't really know in which moment I got injured.

After 10 days rest and Ibuprofen for about a week, I kept on doing 2-hand swings and getups without getting worse (though not better either). I have to admit that my physician told me to stop any activity until I'm 100% ok but that would be too heavy...

Now I decided to give it a bit further rest indeed, because I don't want to risk a permanent issue, so since last week I do only Squats (1x5 with 16kg for warming up and 2x5 with 24kg) and wait to see how it will go.

So this is up to now, it is really a pity that happened the time I felt in the best condition and very motivated. But no space for disappointment, I just wish it won't take a long until I will be back in action :)

I would like to thank you for sharing all those precious information and for all those great articles, I got a lot of info so far and also loads of motivation.

If btw anyone experienced a similar injury in the past and/or wants to share a tip or give me an advice, is totally welcome.

Power to you!

P.S. English is not my native language, so accept my apologies in case of mistakes :cool:

Orestis F

Level 3 Valued Member
Welcome.. I'd do two things next

1. Post your swing and getup vids here for feedback

2. Get some online training with an SFG. It will pay dividends
Posting a video is what I was planning to do but I’m waiting for my shoulder to be a bit better first.
Thank you for your feedback!


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Welcome aboard!! Where in Germany are you?? I was at Ramstein for six months last year and made it over to SportCodex in Stuttgart twice for StrongFirst events. You have many terrific instructors in Germany. I strongly suggest you make connections with them and get some instruction. They are all fabulous people; you will be delighted with them!

Orestis F

Level 3 Valued Member
I’m living in Bonn. No instructors in the town but there is someone in the wider area.
Let’s hope everything will be back to normal soon and then I might join an event too!
Thank you for your feedback!


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Well... I mean... Goblet ???
Nice to meet you

I call them Goblin Squats, and unlike you, English is my first language, so I have no excuse! :D

Welcome to the Forum. As to advice about your injuries, the only thing I can add is: rest. Then rest some more. It's extremely frustrating, but there really is no alternative. Going back to training too soon can cause a relatively minor injury to become one that needs much longer to heal.
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