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Hi guys

Read this forum for some time but this is my first post. I am thinking of taking the SFG 1 course next year and am currently at 80 snatches in 5 mins with the 24kg bell.

I have been using some standard cast kettlebells and can do a fair few snatches in a week without wrecking my hands/wrists.

Recently I bought some We R sports premium kettlebells and I cant use them without seriously hurting my wrists. At first I assumed it was poor technique but on inspection I see the gap between the bell and the handle is smaller than my regular cast bells. Approximately 6 cm gap as opposed to 7 cm. This gap makes all the difference and even holding the new bells in the rack or overhead is quite painful.

My questions are - has anyone else had that experience with bells before? Secondly can anyone tell me the handle gap size for 24KG Rogue kettlebells or some other similar quality make.



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I've just nipped out to measure the gap on some of my Wolverson cast iron bells and it seems to be a pretty consistent 8cm-ish.


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Yes, Wolverson have 7,5 cm clearance on most bells. I have had the same issue and bought a couple of those colored cast iron KBs. I like them a lot. Customer support is also very friendly.


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I have had tje same issue with some lesser known kettlebell brands. Everything just felt off.

Thanks for posting your question, I thought it was just me


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Me too. I had a bell with too little clearance from the handle to the bell so it was sitting right at the wrist joint, instead of the forearm. I couldn't even do TGU. I returned it.


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Thanks for all the replies and measurements - actually makes me feel a lot happier.

I did try again last night and tried to get my hands round the bell much quicker - felt slightly better but still too many bumps for me to really consider keeping them.

Will have a look into the Wolverson bells. Their location is a bit far from where I live. I'd love to try some brands out before buying. I live in the South of England - anyone know of any decent outlets in that area?

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We have a forum for Product Recommendations here - a lot of brands have already been discussed. I am going to move this thread there.

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