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Nutrition Help with resources on nutrition topics

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Hi to all.

This is my first post in the section regarding Nutrition. For the past several days I have browsed the threads and I am impressed with the amount of knowledge this community has on this topic.

I am in an early stage of training with kettlebells. But I want to learn on nutrition. I am very dilligent learner and I test everything ruthlessly to see what works for me and what not. Now I am reading The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung. I picked it up after I saw it mentioned in one of the threads. I like it a lot.

What other books, authors, podcasts, blogs, other resources do you guys recommend to continue to learn about nutrition topics? What did you read and do you currently read that has value for you and in and of itself? Do not be afraid to make recommendations of any kind (popular, not so popular, medical-scientific, dietary). My goal is to immerse myself for the following period in this topic.

Thank you
I first read Art Devany's take on evolution, fitness and diet maybe 20 years ago. It blew me away at the time although much has become quite mainstream. Art was formative in what became the paleo movement (some times referred to as the Grandfather of Paleo) although never advocated the extremes (eg high fat, meat only etc). I am sure you can google his work or his book was called The New Evolution Diet.
I've been following the Fuhrman "Eat to Live" diet which I came across on PBS. It focuses on high nutrient foods i.e. lots veggies especially leafy greens, followed by nuts and seeds for a healthy source of fat, and grains. No dairy, and little if any animal protein.

I follow this 2/3 of the time basically following a VB6 type of plan (vegan before 6), so usually not being as restrictive for dinner.

It's worked well for me. All my blood work results have improved and they were already good before.
I like Dr. Mike T. Nelson and Mike Dulce. Both have a bunch of content out there, a lot of great information in podcasts they are guests on too.
While I listen to many perspectives I consider Dr. Rhonda Patrick to be the "final word" on most health/nutrition/wellness issues. She has a website (foundmyfitness) and a podcast. She's a researcher and presents topics extremely well - meaning, you might have to take notes, write down terms, and re-listen. She has also appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast and the Tim Ferris Podcast. These were a little more layperson friendly and easier to follow (still super intense though).

I'll also mention - technically this has to do with supplements and not nutrition per se, but I find I reference this resource regularly - especially in light of fantastic supplement claims, etc.
The Perfect Health Diet by Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet still stands out as my all-time favorite book on nutrition. They do have specific recommendations, but most of the book is spent educating the reader about what actually goes on in their body in response to food. It's also a good "middle of the road" book. It doesn't try to push the reader into high/low carb, keto, veganism, carnivory, or whatever. It's more about developing a principles based understanding of nutrition.

I've been listening to the Human Performance Outliers podcast lately. It definitely has a low-carb bias, so just be aware of that, but many of the guests they've had on are very good.
I'm a fan of Ori Hofmekler's work. He wrote the Warrior Diet, Anti Estrogenic Diet, Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat, Unlock Your Muscle Gene and most recently The 7 Principles of Stress. Ori brought Intermittent Fasting to the forefront back in the year 2000. He was probably the first person to bring it out in practice and was highly criticized for it.

I enjoy Ori's work because it's based off principles and not restrictions. It just makes sense to me. Eating light/fasting during the day and heavier at night to my hearts content when the day's battles are done. He also puts a priority on longevity which is a really important often overlooked topic. What's best for big, gee-whiz muscles/performance may not be optimal for the long term aging process.

Here's Ori's site : Ori Hofmekler (He's still working on it)
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I would pick up 2 of Mark Sisson’s books: the Primal Blueprint and Keto Reset Diet. These two, IMO, are foundational in the Keto/paleo/primal world. I enjoy the way Mark writes due to his no nonsense/simple approach. Keep in mind his view is not a diet, but a lifestyle change.
Hey Marius,
Nicely written question, good luck with your quest.

+1 Jason Fung, the info in his YouTube videos and website is 1st class

Regarding what has had value for me,
I found the transcript of this lecture very interesting (long-ish read)
Dr. Rosedale: The High Carbohydrate Diet and Related Health Problems - presented by Dr. Bass

On the other side of the equation I think this is a delightful introduction to Paleo,
“Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: The Paleo Diet In Six Easy Steps, A Motivational Guide

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