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Other/Mixed helping in programming knowledge

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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Hi, so i know to preform SBD moves good enough but i have a problem with programing for myself and that something that i always wanted to learn.
i need help with some questions about powerlifting programing.

iam weighting about 67kg and my max is around:
squat around 140kg
deadlift around 170kg
bench around 110kg

1. so to build program with percentage i need to calculate the percentage of the work by my current max or by my desired max?
for exmaple:
lets say that my current max deadlift is 170kg and my desired max is 185kg so on working day with 90% of 1 rm its will be 153kg or 166.5?

2. what program would you recommned for me? Linear? Blocks? Waves? Volume Decrase? Volume Increase?

3. if in my program there is 2x bench a week and 1 close grip larsen press
so on the same week its supposed to be the same load and volume?
lets say
Sunday - bench 85% - 3x5
Tuesday - larsen press RPE 7
Thursday - bench 85% - 3x5 again?

4. on Deload week what should i do? working out on 50-60% of 1rm of the desired or current max?

also i heard its also possiable to do 70% on Deload but also decrase 10% of the volume, but i dont understand what to decrase from on the volume part?
decrase 10% of the volume from the last week? or from what?

5. on Deload week should i include the accessory or just do the main lift? or just as i do now like do the main lift don't burn out and if you feel like you can do some accessory just do if not just dont?

sorry for the stupid questions but those are somethings that i got no answer on them in any other place.
and also please dont block the post if i didn't made the post good enough i really need help with those questions, ty.
No offense but you are making this way more complicated than it needs to be. But I will try and help you with your questions and hopefully simplify this for you.

Answers to your questions
1. Use your current max.
2. They all work just pick one. But for the sake of being simple and easy (linear).
3. It depends. Different programs and different people progress differently. Generally speaking if only lifting 2-3 times a week I like a weekly volume or load increase.
4. Same as answer 1. Use your max not some hypothetical max that you desire.
5. Typically just do the main lifts and get out the gym. It’s a deload for a reason. But listen to your body. None of this is an exact science. There is an art to it. If you feel good and want to do a little more do it.

And pick up a copy of Power to the people by Pavel. It will do you a lot of good.

hope that helps some
iam weighting about 67kg and my max is around:
squat around 140kg
deadlift around 170kg
bench around 110kg
That's not bad for your weight. => it depends on the system that you choose.
I will quote Eric (bad butt): find a proven program and do it for awhile. You will learn lots from it.
Consider joining programming class. Strongfirst has Planstrong...
I hope this help.
1. You always use your previous known max. You can't predict what your new max is going to be after a training cycle.
2. The program depends on goals, experience, time to train. Most good and well known online programs have a progressive overload type of progression. Some start with a hypertrophy block and then move into a strength block and then peak and test or start all over again. Some mainly strength and use 70%+ of RM until the end of the cycle.
3. it depends on your programming. Usually its unlikely to be exactly the same percentages and sets and reps.
4. Deload every 3 to 7 weeks depending on experience, weights used, age, recovery and so on. You keep doing exactly the same exercises you did in the current training cycle, don't do any new exercises. Also the volume is what gets you really tired and that's why you mainly cut on volume.
What you want to do is to keep intensity around 70- 80% RM and reduce the overall volume to around 50 % or less. But if you feel really fatigued you can drop the intensity to around 60% as well during the last half of the deload week.
5. You deload the accessory work as well yes. You cut down the weekly training volume to 50% or less. It depends on what type of program you're following. I would make an average of my volume in a mesocycle and for the deload week do 50% of that average.

I hope this helps. For any other questions please feel free to ask.
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