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Discussion in 'Other' started by Alexnguyen, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    My name is Alex and now I am 23 years old. My height is 1,7 meters and my weight is 65 kg. I have just taken up going to the gym everyday to build my muscles and reduce the amount of dump in my body. I join this forum to learn which exercise is best for beginner like me and which part of the body that should be built first. I'm open and excited to hear your advice. Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to SF! I wouldn’t sweat training your body parts, train as a whole unit, I wish I knew this when I was your age. There are plenty of great programs on here, S&S being one that’s great for beginners and long timers as well. Schedule time with a SFG and get movements dialed in right from the beginning. Best of luck with things.
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    @Alexnguyen ....welcome to the Strong First forun! Lots of great people and information here.
    Look into the recommendations @ShawnM mentioned above..

    Carl in Dover
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  5. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    Welcome to the forum. Is it bodybuilding you are most interested in?
  6. Maine-ah KB

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    if your interested in muscle gain Squats and Dips are pretty Big Bang for your buck as far as hypertrophy in my experience. however get strong before you worry to much about putting on size, you will regardless and if you focus on strength you open up your potential for future muscle gain down the line.
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    #reducethedump - probably one of the few occasions where you won't elicit the "depends on your goals" response.

    Without wanting to sound overly snarky re: what body part first - I would develop the part between your ears first - do some reading on the site and grab a copy of Power to the People - that will give you some context with which to begin to answer the question. The philosophy here is a bit (a bit?) different than you might encounter in the mainstream fitness world and I think you would be depriving yourself of a massive benefit by neglecting to invest some time on that front. The big picture principles are very, very powerful and will free you from the constant need to obsess over relative trivialities.

    And welcome aboard. You'll be truly amazed at what you can accomplish if you put the time in. I think this place requires you to do a little more thinking - I think that's true of Pavel's stuff in general - but the payoff is ridiculously huge.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Alex! I think StrongFirst is the best place to learn exercise technique and the skill of strength. You'll do well to get an e-book version of power to the people and simple and sinister.

    As for programming, power to the people is a great program to hone in your deadlift and bench press technique. I would recommend spending some time with that and then if you want to focus on getting big and strong, use a barbell linear progression. Some popular ones are
    *Starting Strength (although the frequent squatting makes it hard to recover and make progress without eating so much food that you get a little fat)
    *Greyskull LP - More upper body focus since you start each day with upper body lift. Has 2 squat days a week instead of 3 as in starting strength.
    These novice linear progressions are shown to work and there's no use reinventing the wheel which is why you probably won't see a "StrongFirst" edition of that kind of program, but you can optimize your training with the principles taught here.

    I've had good success with a 5x5 outlined by Pavel here:
    Pavel: 80/20 Powerlifting and How to Add 110+ Pounds to Your Lifts

    I actually did even better when I did the original program, which starts with 5x8 instead of 5x5.
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    @Alexnguyen : Welcome to the forum :)
    As @ShawnM mentioned: get a copy of S&S, and get in touch with an SFG instructor. S&S will get you a long way.
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