Hip mobility problems

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@Tarzan If you have the desire, have those ligaments shortened and some bone screwed around the edges of the socket. I can't rotate far enough back to throw a ball anymore but it's not coming out anymore either.

Something I have always heard is, "I wish I would have received surgery sooner." I should have done it sooner but I'm glad I didn't wait longer for sure.


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Yeah I've had that done @Bro Mo , it was mostly successful for about ten years until I ripped the bone graft off in a workplace incident.

A workmate got gassed with CO when I was working at a steel plant. I carried him up & out of the hole was in. He was unconscious and I had him over one shoulder and had to climb a ladder with one hand and it just popped the bone graft off.

I nearly got fired over that & it created a major workplace incident. In that situation I was supposed do things by the book and evacuate the area where the gas was and leave my mate to die. By going in there to save him I was putting more people at risk than there needed to be.

I didn't realise until I just wrote about it then but I'd completely wiped that memory and hadn't thought about it all for almost twenty years.


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The OS rocking is great. An 'upgrade' from that is the so called 'Tactical Frog' as shown in Flexible Steel.
I use both actually. I use the rocking to get deeper into the hips and warm them up so that I can do the Tactical Frog and work on my side splits. Win/Win


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First, you can be proud of you. Every one is safe and that is far the most important !

Regarding you hip mobility : frog walks / frog jumps / crawling / deep squats + deep lateral lunges are some options.

Kind regards,

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