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Bodyweight HIRT/ATG vs HIIT (questions)


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I am preparing for the tests of the DSU (intervention group of the Belgian federal police)
What is/are the test(s)?

It is important to impart the Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demamds (SAID) principle. Identify the physical traits for the tests and then train to improve them.


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I see that you are 17 years old, its look like you are training hard and very motivated. Great to see!

Are you already in the process to become a police officer? To be able to do the DSU test, you have to be a police officer. After being accepted as police officer, you need to pass the police academy. If I were you, I would focus on the physical part, but even more on the mental part. The hardest part during the DSU selection is action intelligence and mental toughness.
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