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Honest Effort

North Coast Miller

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Yes, now I remember, that came out in the 60's .. crazy stuff, I'm interested to see what you cook up using what you learned about iso work.

Its a ridiculous piece of gear, but I guarantee I can get good results out of it for everything but big squat and big hinge. Woefully insufficient for lower body.

Thinking about swapping out the cables for adjustable cargo straps.

North Coast Miller

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16 mile bike ride

3 minutes jumprope warmup
- Squat
- OH press
- hamstring curl
- Row
- Triceps extension

Holds done 10, 15, 20, 25 seconds full on, 10 "reps" rapid relax/ 100% on, 20 seconds rest, 4 repeats.

Stretching and abs

Still using the overlaod eccentric jolt or movement at the joint to increase/recalibrate force production.
Broke my own rules on the rows and did them freestanding hand vs hand so I could get a different angle - have to see how that plays out.

North Coast Miller

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Staying the course A,B,A - B,A,B with two sessions of HIIT.
For both of my upper body pulls I am now freestanding, no lean. I am incorporating a bit of high low movement at the joint for the lat pulls, trap and delt am pushing hands in out a few inches. These seem to work better/hit a better angle than the leans.

North Coast Miller

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Pretty cool and finally getting some traction on HR from a HIIT only aerobic regimen. 58bpm, which is still pretty high for most of the LISS practitioners, I cannot recall mine ever being under 65 and often it used to run stubbornly at 73-74 at rest. Has been slowly lowering over the last few months.


Just checked again, 54. Sweet.
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Bret S.

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Here are full length video of my two basic ABA workouts, typically bookending two HIIT sessions.

With relatively minor tweaking this has been the routine for almost a year now. Addition of the tension resisted little jolts is the biggest change, that was added about a month or so ago.

Very cool Martin, answers a lot of questions.. thanks for sharing (y)
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