Honoring RKC Certs??


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I finally came by this site...  Though, I thought that I was keeping up with what is going on,  I guess I showed up a day late...  and see that I must have missed something big.  People keep talking about honoring RKC certs...  Sending in copies, etc.  Does that only include leadership positions, or does it include RKC 1's (Where I am.)  I've been searching this site, and read most of the posts on this forum, and for the life of me cannot find wherever this information is posted.


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Click on the contact link at the top of the page then click on the certificate recognition program.  All the instructions are there.


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Jason, please check the "Contact" page, and please remember to include your mailing address.

Thank you and glad to have you!


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Hi to anyone who have an answer to my questions...

I tried to pay online for the Cert Recognition option 3 and the shipping is only applicable in the US. So is this recognition only applicable in the US? BTW, I'm in Australia.
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