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Barbell How can i get my bench max up by 100lbs ?

Steve Freides

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my bench max is 185lbs and i want to get it to around 315 how can i get my bench up i weigh 220lbs and im 24% body fat and im 6 foot 2

With care, forethought, and great attention to technique.

Post a video (post it somewhere public, post a link here) of your BP taken from a 45 degree angle at the front. You certainly do not want to try to increase your BP poundage until your BP form is dialed in.

And it would help us to know your age and gender, your current and past injury history, and medical conditions you might have.

Last but not least, don't "want to get it to around 315," just want to get better at the lift.



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1. Don't overtrain on strict about every other week.
2. On off weeks, train Narrow Bench, Wide Bench, Dumbbell Presses, Overhead Presses.
3. Don't ignore your Lats: do rows.


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Depends how crazy you want to go. You can do Conjugate training, adding in ME and DE days. Using bands and boards and floor presses and whatever else. Depends on what your level of training is.


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I'm working through something similar right now.
My bench was like 190lbs last January. The biggest improvement came when I got a coach and he refined my technique a bunch. I found a better hand placement, worked on a consistent groove, and started doing accessory work. In the last 7 months I've added 55lbs (haven't tested it for about a month though). I recently also repped my 190 max 11 times, which felt pretty great.
My coach has had me working a program that is kind of a 5/3/1 /Purposeful Primitive/ GZCL type thing. You basically wave the intensity week to week, top set is AMRAP, and then follow it up with some down sets and accessory work on the weak points.

If I had to recommend a book to help guide you I'd probably go with GZCL method as that was the one that really clicked with "Oh, this is what coach is programming and why". But all the pieces are there in 531 and purposeful primitive as well, just not as obviously "these are the pieces and this is how they go together and why". Plus it is like 99 cents or something because the creator is a marine who wrote it in his spare time for his buddies and it kind of took off on some lifting forums.


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my bench max is 185lbs and i want to get it to around 315 how can i get my bench up i weigh 220lbs and im 24% body fat and im 6 foot 2

There are a gajillion bench press specialist programs out there.

Including Strong Plan.

Pick one to follow, and be patient, as you're looking at a 70% increase for your goal.

You may have to run a cycle more than once.


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Eight sets of 3 will set your bench press free! Accessories for bench is more benching. Stay consistent and don't miss lifting, eating, and most importantly, rest. It takes time no matter how you train. I love 8 sets of 3 and when the weight gets to the point you can't complete all 8 sets of 3, then do sets of 2. Example: You get 5 sets of 3 then do 3 sets of 2. Next workout try to get 6 sets of 3 and 2 sets of 2. Next workout try to get 7 sets of 3 and 1 set of 2. When you can do all 8 sets of 3 add 5-10 pounds and start over.


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I’ve been told eating bull testicles helps. All jokes aside the advice above is all solid. Depending on your age results may take longer. Remember when I was younger early 20s I went from benching 185 to 275 in a summer (not outrageous numbers but at 20 felt I adapted quicker)


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start light so you can focus on technique
get a coach, to drill technique
video tape yourself and review your technique
While you hammer in technique, slowly add small increments of weight.
PTTP is a great minimalist program to start with. Once you take it as far as you can, try Wendler's 5/3/1 for a while.
By time you get to Wendler's program, you'll need assistance work. Military presses and rows are important for a good bench press AFTER you paid your dues as a beginner.
Patience, this is gonna be a 2-5 year ride depending on consistency, learning curve, and recovery rate.


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There is alot of good advice in here. But most important. Dont train to close too failure.
Choose a weight you could do around 10 with if you wanna do 5 reps. A weight you can do 6 rep with if you wanna do sets of 3 and so on.


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I just benchpressed (when I was a kid and just started) every day or every other day (when I was older) till I got there.

I'd be tempted to try PTTP for 40 days and see what that does for you.


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When I was 13, curls and bench was all we did.

I think it was all we knew *how* to do, too.

Yep. Dad had a piece of paper with pictures of the exercises (came with the set). That was the extent of my understanding. But I know my first summer of lifting I went from 100lb bench to 200lb in about 3 months. So yeah!!! Essentially I'd do a set of 8-10 to warm up. Do an all out set for as many as possible. Drop the weight. Do another set. Call it a day. Ignorance was bliss.
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