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Barbell How can i get my bench max up by 100lbs ?


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Yep. Dad had a piece of paper with pictures of the exercises (came with the set). That was the extent of my understanding. But I know my first summer of lifting I went from 100lb bench to 200lb in about 3 months. So yeah!!! Essentially I'd do a set of 8-10 to warm up. Do an all out set for as many as possible. Drop the weight. Do another set. Call it a day. Ignorance was bliss.

And teenage hormones are amazing.


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Aged 13 I got the vacuum cleaner pipe from the house and filled it with typeset from the garage (my dad worked in newspapers) and used to floor press in my bedroom. Eventually when the house was dusty my mum found it and I got a smack but by then I was addicted to lifting
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