How do you program Kettlebells and Barbells?

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Alaska80, May 20, 2019.

  1. Alaska80

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    Just want to engage the collective brain power here (for those of you who do so or have done so) regarding the programming of KBs and BBs in your training. How do you do it?

    Currently I do a pure strength BB workout 2 x a week and KB 2 x a week. Though I am moving into an 8 week block where it will be BB 2 x week and KB 4 x week. Cardio and mobility work is always added in as well.
  2. miked

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    I base everything off of the primary BB lift each day. I'll cycle something like Deadlift, Squat, Bench press or Deadlift, Front Squat, Press. Basically Hinge, Squat, Press. Then before the BB lift of the day, I have a paired BB Olympic lift and a KB lift. Then I'll finish with AGT of some kind. So a day may look like this

    TGU 3 x each arm
    BB Snatch 3x3 (Medium)
    Deadlift 5x2x75%, 4x2x80%
    1-arm Swing 10x10/1:00

    I plan for 5 days a week, but something usually comes up once, so I get in 4 days consistently.

    reps and weight are waved Plan Strong-ish

    Every 3-4 weeks, I switch up the movements to be same-but-different.

    This has been the most sustainable pattern for me.
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  3. Joe Fraser

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    I'd start with a minimal barbell program with just the core lifts such as Greyskull for those still able to do make linear progression gains or Texas Method for those who no longer can recover with LP.
    Then add in A+A with swings or cleans 2-3x a week. Cleans may work better as far as not hurting recovery needs. I do Greyskull LP with swings as I haven't mastered the clean yet. I do they A+A when I feel good and have time.
  4. Joe Fraser

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    I meant snatches not cleans.
  5. Steve A

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    Mike, not many people follow deadlifts with squats on back to back days. Good demonstration that if things are set up right, a lot of things that normally seem daunting can be possible.
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  6. Mark Limbaga

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    KBs as warmup, metabolic work or specialized variety depending on the priority of the current program
  7. Antti

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    For absolute strength I find the barbell hard to beat. The kettlebells are great for strength endurance, conditioning and easy explosive strength training.

    I like the idea of doing four or five strength sessions a week with the barbell. Add in some kettlebell training when feeling like it, concentrating mostly on the ballistics.
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  8. Anna C

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    I like the Brett Jones terminology of the "spice and the main dish." In blocks of training, I make either the barbell, the kettlebell, or bodyweight strength training the main dish. The others are used as the spice. I don't try to make them more than one the main dish in the same period of weeks or months.
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  9. Alan Mackey

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    Two-week blocks of each one.
  10. miked

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    Yes, after 20 years of this stuff, I needed to find a way to just keep chugging along - not worrying about peaking or all of the complexity that goes with that. It's not like I'm getting paid for how much I lift. You'll also notice, that I do deadlifts every 4 days which is a lot more than most people say you should do that. But it's all about smart volume and reasonable weight choices.
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  11. Philippe Geoffrion

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    It depends on what you'd like to accomplish really.

    Kettlebells and barbells are tools, so what is your project?
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  12. BrianCF

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  13. Alaska80

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    @Philippe Geoffrion I already have a plan that is progressing nicely incorporating both BBs and KBs, I just wanted to know what others do. KBs, BBs and carrying big rocks are my favorite strength and strength endurance tools. Just enjoy having my mind expanded form other's experience.

    @ Others ... Thanks for all the responses.
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  14. guardian7

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    Definitely agree. Choose one focus and change it around 4-6 times a year. I change it up by season. Doesn't someone from SF use a cooking analogy? You concentrate on one dish at a time that you are working on but the other pots are on the backburner(s).
  15. Alaska80

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    I forgot I had these. Thought you all would enjoy Geoff Neupert's take on this. These came from a series of posts from his old website chasing strength.

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  16. Alaska80

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  17. Chrisdavisjr

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    This article has a section about programming barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises as part of an all-round strength/endurance routine. It's primarily focused on the KB lifts though.
  18. Zack

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    Didn’t Pavel mention somewhere alternating between PM and PTTP? I could have sworn I read that somewhere here, but can’t remember the particulars to save my life

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