How long you train with kettlebell?


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14 years for me.

Got my first 16kg in 2005 and I've been loving them ever since, with a few shifts in focus along the way. Whatever else I train with, I keep coming back to the KBs more convinced of their superiority for my strength and conditioning needs every time.


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@Matija Nakani welcome!

I first started way back in 2002, I was very dedicated to kettlebells for several years and then had a few years away (which I regret) and have been back to kettlebells exclusively for the past three years.


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On my 6th year now. This last year not as continuously as I'd liked due to life.


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From 2013, and I started because I was bored. The 16kgs in my hands seemed like a weapon in the beginning.. Now the kettlebells are a foundamental tool in my life... In my life many importants things started when i was bored.


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7 years...I was completely deconditioned at 43. My first few months i injured myself snatching a 12kg and connected with a PT who referred me to an SFG. Now I’m snatching the 24kg 3x per week at the age of 50. Not as impressive as some people around here, but I’ll count it as a win.
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