Question How much rest is too much between swings?


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Yep, follow up from my question last week. How much rest between sets is too much, where your returns are diminished? 3 minutes? 5 minutes? Are there unique benefits to longer than average rest times?

Of course we know of GtG and 30 minutes rest minimum between sets, that has it's own usefulness.

I had been doing swings OTM, or with 1 full minute rest between sets, but then decided to go by feel today. In addition to my shirt being slightly less damn, I found a bit more crispness in my later sets, and last reps of those sets. I'm going to stick with not timing myself for a while, then come back to it and see if a difference in energy levels is observed.


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I have done a few sessions with very long rest, on a lazy rainy Sunday for instance. I enjoyed them and helped work on technique. But I wouldn't do those very often as you lose part of the conditioning aspect.

I've read that for beginners emom is recommended and avoid over thinking it, just do them emom or similar.

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I'm no expert but my problem has always been too little rest between sets, not too much. I use a simple pulse monitor and when my heart rate drops 10 beats below "Maffetone Max" I immediately start the next set. Rest periods are relatively short in the early sets, slightly longer in the later sets.

Seems to work about right. Sets are strong throughout the session and recovery seems better than when I rush the next set. Total workout time gradually and naturally gets shorter over time.


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Yeah I was just interested for special circumstances.

However I was doing swings OTM, and just these last few days was having some trouble keeping up for some reason


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i found out that i only have 15-20 minutes of high energy for the swing. i'll be fine if i finished the swing part in that time. when i take long rest (2-3 mininutes), i'll be wreck in the last 2 sets, even when i have 5-7 minutes rest in the last two
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