How much Vitamin D is too much?


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Hi folks I was wondering if anyone here could give me an idea of how much Vitamin D is too much to take. I currently take the following

Now that is 5,000 IU a day of Vitamin D but I'm wondering just what is the maximum amount that is safe to take each day? I have read that Vitamin D isn't a vitamin at all but it's a mild steroid and would like to maximize the amount I could take while staying safe.

Any thoughts?


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Do yourself a favor and get your Vitamin D levels tested to get a baseline. Once you know that your Dr can recommend a proper dose and through repeated testing monitor your levels. I had low vitamin D levels discovered 2 years ago, I now take 6000 IU a day and my levels are back to normal. The change in energy during the day is huge.

If you are looking for high potency Vitamin D. This is a great choice, each drop is 2000 IU's. Three drops a day and I am set.


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Agree with Dave, depends on how deficient one is currently. A person highly knowledge in these matters recommended me to take this.
one drop daily. And, I was able to bring my levels back to normal.


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Agreed on getting it tested.

I don't know what you mean by "mild steroid." It's a secosteroid, but that doesn't mean it's going to have effects like an anabolic steroid. It's still important to have enough.


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Mr. Grant at the vitamin D council keeps his levels at 50ng/ml. There is evidence that "too" much D can increase risk for prostate cancer. I'm told that dark skinned people out in the sun in a natural type of existence have levels in the mid 40's. Super important subject. D


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Agree, first test. But after that I would not go to a doctor as they will give you huge doses if you tested low and then you will have no idea of maintenance dose once you get "in range". For most people, 1000 iu will give you and increase in blood level of 10 Ng/ml. So once you get tested you can get pretty close first go. Take the new dose, more or less than you have been depending, and after about 2 months test again. Once you are where you want to be, I recommend testing every year or two as metabolism changes etc. I used to need 8000iu to stay mid range, then 6000, and now 4000. Not sure why that is but I strongly suspect dietary changes
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