How old are you?


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27 and getting older. Hope i'll get older for long time if I also get healthier :)

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Actual age is 44. 12 months ago body felt weak 70s. At moment body feels strong 40s.12 months time plan on body feeling strong 30s. 24 months strong 20s then maintain. The only way is up..... or down depending on what aspect you're looking at.

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48, but who's counting? I guess I am because I'm due for a physical and getting ready (psychologically) for all of those recommended "Age 50" doctor appointments. Like your 50,000 mile car appointment that covers everything and changes all of the fluids and shocks you with the cost and will hopefully tell you that everything is good.

I recently realized that my aunt had both her knees replaced at 48, with a non-athletic background and no prior injuries. Just overweight and no exercise. She's still around at 75 though I think the warranty on those knees is up.
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