How old are you?


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Pretty close to 36, which means closer to 40 than to 30. :eek:
Typing the numbers in I immidiately feel older *lol*


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38 - swear I still feel eighteen. Luckily I think im still keeping my boyish good looks (outright lie as never had it to begin with)


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51 at the end of the month.
Recently finished Simple, Kettlebell Muscle, ROP ( though I did not get 1/2 BW-40 KG). Doing Simple again, and am up to 10x 40KG in under 10 minutes, 32KG swings in 6:30 or so.


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48 this year. My snatch size bell is shrinking to 20kg two years from now. I would like to stick with 24kg for a decade more.


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re: 20K snatch bell. Yes, that surprised me too when I looked up the standards. I've only been able to snatch 24K at all in the past 4 or five months, so I'm not ready to give it up, despite being nearly 51. I didn't get near the 5 minutes standard, of course.
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