How to approach TSC Training around injury?


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Last week I began to feel a slight *tweak or pain in my Vastus Medialis. It's minimal pain but I have felt it throughout the week while performing hinging movements (Deadlift and KB Swings). From best I can tell and tracing back my logs I have implemented 4" Defecit deadlifts (Conventional) as my back seems to have become the weak area in my lift. Again this is just self diagnosis at best, but I noticed my knees became a little shaky the last 3rd & 4th sessions into my Deadlift Cycle and I believe this is what caused the slight ache. Today after coming into my 5th session of the cycle the pain has become more noticeable, I dropped the Defecit all together and performed regular deadlifts and then decided to ere on the side of caution and stop all together as the pain has become more noticeable.

Since we are about 10 weeks out for TSC I still want to compete but would be curious to hear others thoughts on ways to train around the movement pattern as these are 2 of the 3 events in the Contest. Also I will be performing Trigger Point Therapy on my self and icing. I considered doing the following in addition to working around this:

Option 1: Sumo Deadlifts and Seated Snatches (if no pain flares up) with lots of volume accessory work in Reverse Hypers and Glute Ham Raises

Option 2: Box Squats and Seated Snatches (if no pain flares up) with lots of volume accessory work in Reverse Hypers and Glute Ham Raises

Would love to hear others thoughts around this approach or any other considerations? Thanks for reading!


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@Aswilli4- Take a week or so off deads and just do pull-ups. See where your at and then add deads back in, no deficit, as long as you are pain free

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I would not program deficit deadlifts for a weak back, only for a deadlift that's weakest off the floor.

There are a number of great TSC training plans on this web site and forum - please consider trying one of them since all the program design has been done for you. If you look in the Welcome section at my Best Of ... #5, you'll find a link to one such program from a few years ago, and there are others, too, and all of them are proven successes.



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Some of the latest research is starting to suggest icing an injury can be counter productive. Even Dr. Gabe Mirkin who originally coined the acronym R.I.C.E for his sports medicine book has reconsidered the benefit of icing injuries.

I gave up using R.I.C.E. over twenty years after observing the recovery time after a knee hyperextension or dislocation (I have no functional ligaments in my left knee so it happens to me quite often). If I use R.I.C.E it typically takes 2 weeks before I can function properly again & if I mobilise it the next day and use arnica or comfrey ointment on the strain I'll be back in business in 4 or 5 days.


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Thank you all for the feedback I will look into these recommendations.
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