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Kettlebell How to heal pain in forearm

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Diagnosis that excludes anything but golfer's elbow is helpful as is a general impression from a competent health practitioner of how much force, volume you should be applying and how frequently. Then you are much better placed to consider various suggestions made here. Not saying that medico's and so on always get it right, just that you should consider all information you can to minimise time lost to training and avoiding inadvertently adding in risks that could see you side lined for longer. Any errors should always be on the side of safety.

Good luck in your diagnosis and training.


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Pull ups has always been a trigger for elbow pain. After years of trying to train them and their regressions that pain kept coming back. It was recently recommended to me to try dry needling. Holy Cow! After the first session I knew it was a game changer for me. With-in a few sessions I reintroduced pull ups starting with pain free banded pull ups. Now currently on pain free slow negative only pull ups, and soon to be pain free regular pull ups. I did about 5 or 6 sessions altogether.

I also improved my grip training routine at the recommendation of my PT. I added in finger extension with a rubber band, finger flexion with Gripmaster, and isometric holds in top pull up position.


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1) When I was around 17 I sometime got tendinopathy in my shoulders. I waited three days and the pain went away. As I have gotten older I have found out that none of the pains and injuries goes away no matter how long I rest.

2) The Mark Riptoe program looks very interesting. I really like his studio and this guy. He has a mustache. There is no fancy studio there. He has a wooden sign where his name is written. Under his name is not mentioned any fancy high-tech name of vlog, blog, podcast or any stupid s***, he just calls it "radio."

3) As some of the other people on this thread have written: When you get heavier, doing a lot of pull-ups puts a lot of stress on your forearms. I realized this the hard way.

Thanks for all the replies. I think I will continue training, but maybe be careful with the suitcase carry for a while. I think it is important to listen your body and to know when to push it, and when to stop pushing it.


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As I have gotten older I have found out that none of the pains and injuries goes away no matter how long I rest.
This a BIG indicator that you have imbalances or form/technique issues, imo, and/or your tendons are in more advanced stages of disrepair.

It takes the tendons about three times as long as muscles to regenerate (by most sources). Additionally, the way the tendon heals impacts its ability to function well. Eccentric exercises have been repeatedly shown to reorganize the tissue of the tendon. Read the article below, as it is one of the better, more concise ones out there. It explains all this.

As far as form/technique goes, I suggest the following:
-post videos of your kettlebell work AND your pullups for form checks. Ideally get a video of each from multiple angles (as best you can): front/back/side. If you are comfortable with it, it's best if your shirt is tighter or you are not wearing a shirt so the movements of the shoulders and ribs can be seen more easily.

-see a good sports physio in-person.

Lastly, I'll repeat this point: if rest does NOT make the pain any better, either your tendons are in higher stages of degeneration and thus need longer periods of deloading and appropriate rehab exercises, and/or your technique/form is off.

If your technique or form is off, consider this. It may just be that you need to adjust what you're doing. OR, it may be that some areas in the relevant kinetic chains (pulling movements such as pullups and cleans/swings) are not moving or stabilizing properly. If this is the case then other parts of the kinetic chain will have to compensate, likely putting extra strain on . . .guess what? Your tendons. Since a breakdown in mechanics (the kinetic chain) can be a wide variety of things, this is why it's recommended to see a professional in person, who can diagnose them.

For example: I had golfer's elbow on and off for years. It would improve with many of the exercises above, but would always come back when I increased volume or load. It only stayed better when I improved the relationship of my scapulae to my ribcage. Since there was no stable platform to push/pull from, my elbow and wrist joints experienced "unstable" loads, and BAM, tendon problems. I would never have learned that had I not gone to see a physio.

Hope that helps.


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What I found very reliable is proper automassage with arnic oil after shower and/or hot baths. Just take care of that aging body. Treating it with lots of respect for it is doing such a great job.
If I'm really hurt or injured I use sticks and stones to go deeper into the tissue.
Back in the day I hurt my leg and I couldn't do any high kicks or fast runs. It was permantly painful. Because I was not resting, it never got better. Finally I read about sports-med- treatment for athletes.
I went into the tendons with a chop stick and opened the knot in the fascia. Took me a couple of days..
The three foot is great for forearms, calves, neck, feet... all body. Right after workout it prevents lots of problems. If problems already occured, it reliefes.
There are many more tools for helping yourself.
And don't force yourself into pain. Try something else for some time and come back to quality training, when healed.
6 month therabands and stretching. Easy movements. Learn something new and add it to your arsenal.
Qi Gong, Yoga...something like that..
three foot.jpg41hRr7y1UML._AC_SS450_.jpg

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Maybe some bpc-157 as well.
@piratebum, if we're mentioning substances that are illegal, banned in athletic competitions, etc., let's acknowledge that fact when we post about them, please - and my preference is that we don't post about them at all.

This thread is now closed. Thanks, everyone.

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