How to Improve Your Get Ups By Skinning Your Knee

Timmer C

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Earlier this year, I skinned my right knee during a run terribly to the extent that full get ups with the bell in my left hand were removed from my routine for months. When I was finally able within the last few days to resume get ups on this side, there was one point that was particularly dicey. When my knee sweeps into position, it sometimes has to scrape under load on the floor to get to the right spot, and this scraping under load is something I wanted to avoid with my recovering knee. And this morning, it finally struck me: until the knee reaches its final destination, I need to position my body so all the weight is supported by the other leg and the arm that has the palm on the floor. If the knee bears weight before it is in position, then my body mechanics are wrong. And working at correcting the body mechanics to support my weight properly feels like an important step forward. I am now working at rebuilding the body mechanics on both sides of my body, not just the one impacted by the injury.

It seems counterintuitive that an injury that I thought had set my get ups back by months actually turned out to be instructive. How have your injuries caused you AHA moments?
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