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For S&S I am curious as to how people go about testing themselves for swings....

I do not have my copy of the book handy. If I recall, there is no one way to test, just that 5 min is roughly 5 nasal breaths between sets. I am making my second attempt to reach Simple after being on the program X 9 months and restarting near the end of April this year after being off with a hand fracture (female BTW so starting with 16kg bell)

I am still at 16kg swings one handed, practice average of 4 days a week but aim for 5-6 . I have tested 3 times since restarting...1st attempt a bit under 8:30 if I recall (knew I was not going to "pass" but wanted to see where I was at at the moment with an all out effort), 2nd attempt 5:22 and 3rd attempt just a few days ago 5:01. As previously my getups are progressing way fasterm than my swings and am back up to 16kg getups now.

Until the last couple weeks I have not timed my sessions but swings on an average taking-it-easy day would take me no more than 15 min in my estimation. Normally, I go by talk test, and periodic 6 second counts of heart rate whIle taking nasal breaths (multiplied by 10).

Lately I have taken to timing my practice on my gymboss only looking at it afterwards to see the trend, and noting that my times overall have been creeping downwards on those "easy" days, and my swing on an average day is 9-11 min or so. Also make notes on things like sleep, how I feel post session, etc and over all feel endurance is slowly improving.

I have been testing by just starting the timer, and starting to swing, and noting when I am done. Just aim to have 5 breaths between sets. With my test the other day, I could do 5 nasal breaths between sets, and knew I was working harder than usual, but the last 4-sets or so were brutal and needed more like 10 of those long-blow-out-C02-breaths and for sure could not talk and heart pounding out of my chest, although in my estimation, my form did not fall apart.. I do not feel like I own my swings in this regard. To me it should have been easier...not like "everyday" practice easy, but still...

For testing, I have seen it suggested to have specific rest intervals and swing via timer when it says to, and that with my 5:01 time with freewheeling efforts perhaps it would have been lower. I imagine that one would have to be honest with themselves still as to whether they could repeat the feat any day they tried, if they maintained good form starting in set 30 sec intervals (for example), etc. I can't do the mental math at the moment for work: rest that I would need, but is there any advantage to testing this way other than pacing?

In my mind if I needed the time I did the way I tested, and the later sets were harder, how could I truly swing honestly, strongly, etc after 30 sec rest when perhaps I needed 40sec....

Ok, now in seeing posts as far back as the old forum there are even things like people aiming for swinging on the minute, in everyday practice (starting at certain rest intervals and aiming to decrease them).

Is there "not by the book" approaches overall, especially in light of the fact it has been out for a while now with more and more test subjects and people's experiences?

Methinks I am just over complicating things ;), but I thought I would get some feedback....

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For S&S I am curious as to how people go about testing themselves for swings....
If you're talking about hitting the 10 sets of 10 time standards from S&S
  • Easiest way to do is to set your gym boss to 11, 30 second intervals
    • Use the first interval to mentally turn yourself on
    • Then do a set every time it dings until you hit 10 sets
If you're talking about the non-stop swing testing from S&S
  • Pick a lighter bell then one you normally swing
  • Pick either one hand swing or two hand swing
  • Do as many swings as you can without putting the bell down

Maine-ah KB

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If your positive you'll hit your intervals you can set a hit timer for 5 mins in 30 sec intervals. Same with tgu except 10 and one min intervals. If you less certain just set a stop watch and guesstimate concervitive manner how long it takes you to hit stop(no more then 3 secs, keeps ya honest)

Stefan Olsson

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Would it be advisable to test only on of the lifts? Like going by the book on the swings and test just the getups?


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Would it be advisable to test only on of the lifts? Like going by the book on the swings and test just the getups?
I just recently tested my swings, and passed in order to move up to 20kg, then the 24kg is next.. My getups are already at 16kg (female here) which is the simple standard for women. I do belive the book says your exercises may progress at different rates, and that is the case for me for whole exercise life has been having my strength far surpass my cardiovascular endurance.

If I waited to progress my getups and waited for swings to catch up, I would be working with a light as a feather 12kg right now (BTW, I did progress from an 8kg getup....returning to S&S a second time this spring from a hand a 12kg to now a 16kg adding sets gradually after meeting the time standard in the previous weight).
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