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    Hey all,

    A few of you here seem to do some HRV monitoring. What I've noticed (especially reading Tim Ferriss's Tribe of Mentors) is that more than a few individuals mentioned doing HRV breathing exercises. Does anyone here have any experience with this?

    It seems to be a form of breathing, similar goal to other methods like Buteyko and Wim Hof but they all seem to have different tactics/strategies to achieve the goal. MacKenzie is very influenced by Wim Hof, it should be known. Either way, I'm finding it difficult to uncover exactly what this HRV breathing entails.

    Forge Valley Fitness this is one site that describes the method

    this is a video, but left me still unsure what exactly it is

    Fire away!
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    If you get a real time HRV app you will find that you can very easily influence HRV by controlling your breathing rate. Heart rate tends to accelerate during inhalantion and decelerate during exhalation (probably due to increased ventricular filling due to a drop in pleural pressure during inhale.). HRV is an indicator of parasympathetic/sympathetic tone. The question is, does a change in the indicator through breath manipulation = an actual change in the para/symp ratio, or is it just a simple change in the indicator due to purely mechanical changes? I don't know the answer to that question.
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    I would suggest that if your breathing practice changes your sub- and unconscious ventilation for the better, then yes; if not, then probably not outside of that session.

    I made it to the 4 min mark... he does not understand respiratory physiology, though he is correct about the importance of minding post-activity ventilation.

    Whatever breathing practice you decide to adhere to, it must change your ventilation while you are unaware, or, make you more frequently aware of your unconscious breathing.

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