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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by justin84, May 19, 2017 at 12:53 AM.

  1. justin84

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    Is it possible to put on size with s&s. and if so how would it be done.
  2. Dan_123

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    Sorry I can't give specifics for how it can be done other than just going and doing the program, but so far I've gotten bigger bi's, tri's, quads and traps, they're looking quite big.

    But my forearms, calf's, quad's, lat's, glutes, and rhomboids have blown up like an Ivan Drago fight camp (with the good Russian juice.) I'm frankly astonished and I can see all this through a nice layer of chub.

    You can try the program and don't forget to get the calories in to support the growth. It's amazing how people who train for muscle and never eat any where near enough (And thats the fun bit!)

    If you're looking just for hypertrophy not GPP there are other things for you that people can recommend. Geoff Neuport seems very well reviewed on here.
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  3. Antti

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    The S&S is not a hypertrophy program but some people claim to have achieved significant levels of hypertrophy with it. It is, as expected, individual and always in the eye of the beholder.

    If you like S&S but are not happy with the hypertrophy, a simple solution would be to add some heavy squats a few times a week. That should fix most of the problem. Your diet is also of extreme importance, it could be said that a hypertrophy program is one where you program your diet, and your lifting regime is the cream on the cake.
  4. Sauli

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    S&s twice a weeks and two press/row or pullup workouts will do the trick better if hypertrophy is your goal. I think eating is the hardest part when size gains are wanted... and squats like @Antti wrote...
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  5. dc

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    @justin84, are you starting s&s cold? As not been training for awhile if at all. Then you will definitely put on size with s&s. If you've been training awhile then maybe not. The best thing about s&s if you haven't been training is you'll put on real muscle, not beach muscles. You'll look strong. Some people can have big muscles & not look strong, others can look very strong & not have big puffy muscles. S&s will make you hard. JMExperience.
    EDIT: I just noticed you're a regular on the forum, you've trained before.
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  6. conor78

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    Look at Total Tension complex (with appropriate diet surplus) if you want hypertrophy with KB's. Pavel mentions that S/S forges a fighters physique which is true. As mentioned above working in Pull ups with S and S will probably push you towards hypertrophy but again diet surplus will be needed.
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  7. Kettlebelephant

    Kettlebelephant Experienced and Respected on the Forum

    FWIW -> Alternative Base Build Results (Simple and sinister + Fighter Pullup Program + LSD) - TacticalBarbell.com
    S&S + Fighter Pullup Program (The Fighter Pull-up Program Revisited) even with added LSD runs.
    The guy was training and able to perform 15 pullups before starting this.

    I too experienced a good amount of hypertrophy from S&S, but most of it probably due to the fact that I followed it for months instead of just a few weeks like other programs I used before. Don't expect to do it for 3-4 weeks and see a lot of hypertrophy. S&S is more like just following it and 2-4 months in you notice a different fit with your clothes (trousers get too wide at the hips, shirts get too narrow around the shoulders/upper back) and people asking you if you've been lifting.
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  8. Kozushi

    Kozushi In the 1k club

    Sure, of course it does. This isn't its focus though, (its focus is multi directional strength endurance and cardio) so if you want to have more of a "cut" look you ought to be doing some other stuff too like forward presses (either bench press or one arm pushups) and probably chinups also. I've started to look more and more "cut" recently after spending a few weeks taking the bodyweight add on stuff more seriously.
  9. King Cobra Fit

    King Cobra Fit Matt - CSEP-CPT, SFG I, FMS I&II Certified Instructor

    I'd throw a +1 for total tension complex. I ran through it and gain noticeable size fairly quickly.
    Your biggest gains will come from good calories and sticking with your chosen program. give it a good few months of solid effort and whether its S&S, TTC or ROP, you'll see some gains.
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  10. Frank_IT

    Frank_IT Robust Participant on the StrongFirst Forum

    Is it possible to put size on with S&S: I imagine you'd like to know if the program alone will put muscles on you. Well, it's not that easy to answer.

    1. How big are you now: depending on your existing muscle mass, S&S could do anything from decreasing it, to maintaining it to increasing it.

    2. How far do you plan on taking it: the routing with a 24 kg kettlebell is one thing, with a 56 kg one is a completely different one (and very few can sport it - Levi Markwardt is the only person I know of).

    3. What are your expectations: are you targeting a beach body, Kay Green or something in the midle?

    My personal experience is that I put on muscle (I reached Simple and than stopped the program), but not even near the size I gained with RoP and far from RoPPE's (refer to @Mark Limbaga for this last one).

    One thing is for sure: S&S is not an hypertrophy program. It's very good at what it aims (GPP), but it's not meant to make you big (in fact, I suspect it's effect in the long term would yeld opposite results: lots of general strength while minimal increase in size).

    If you want to gain size I'd suggest you look elsewhere. There are means to gain strength and size with kettlebells, S&S just isn't the right one.
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  11. Harry Westgate

    Harry Westgate Robust Participant on the StrongFirst Forum

    I'm approaching Simple. I'm not as lean as I have been in the past (working on it), but I've put on muscle.

    Lats, traps, abs, hamstrings, forearms and shoulders are bigger, but my biggest ASSet is by far my glutes. Everyone points it out (male and female), and this only just started when I got to the point where I was doing all 100 swings with the 32kg. My current bodyweight is currently 70-72kg.
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