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Old Forum I could use a little help with my SFG prep.

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Here's my most recent getup..working on slowing down the descent...


Questions for you:  What direction should my palm be facing during the getup?  Should the palm face the feet or should the hand be perpendicular to the body?

Is it ok for the bent base leg to move move side-to-side as I enter the beginning portion of the getup or is it supposed to stay firm to ground.

btw, I've gained more strength and size in the past 2 months following the PM than any other time in my adult life.


Just read thru this thread and congratulations on staying disciplined and making tremendous progress! Takes a lot of mental STRENGTH to eliminate exercises we enjoy in order to work on our weak links but in the end you will benefit from it.


Snatches: Your hip snap is great but your lock out is a bit slow. Really try to spear your arm thru the bell and keep the speed of your hand fast. Also, on your down swing allow your knees to naturally bend a little more. By doing this you will be able to generate a faster and more powerful hip drive. Think about how you jump. I am a small guy, and if I don't explode during every rep that 24 kg bell isn't going over head.

Here is Master SFG Geoff Neupert explaining it much better than me.  It was one of his key points at our level II cert.


Get up: On the way up work to get your base knee directly under your hip. On the way down don't reach for the ground when placing your base hand down. Instead hinge into your hip and it shortens the distance and allows you to place your hand in a much stronger position. Also, do not allow you bast arm to bend until your butt is securely on the ground and you stabilize the bell.  Only then do you place your elbow on the ground then finally finish the get up.


Hope this helps.
Thanks Ricardo!  Still enjoying swings and getups as my primary workout.  Every time I do a little practice snatching I am amazed at how light the bell feels even if my technique looses its grove a little.

You described things great and I have a good idea of what you are saying.  I will keep working all these points and post a video in a few weeks.  You opened my eyes up as far as the descent of the getup being a hip hinge instead of a reach.  I looked back through the thread and was told to do this at least one time but it didn't register until we just called it a hinge

I made my way to  the kitchen where my girlfriend is making cupcakes and I'm like, "Check this out, it's a hinge not a reach, looks more stable and fluid right?"   She's like "yeah, yeah, I'll start practicing it that way."  She always thinks I'm telling her what to do when I'm really just excited about something.

thank you sir :)
First time snatching the 24 kg bell.  My form falls apart a bit but this is the first time snatching it in any sort of groove . I'm still sticking with the PM and am looking to buy a 32 kg bell :)  Honestly, I want to tell the benefits of the PM to anybody complaining about lack of progress in their routines...

I also pulled off a 70 lb stacked getup which felt great :)  Is there any reason for me to avoid stacking bells like this?  Other than the obvious safety issue - I figure if I can do a getup with this weight stacked it will be slightly easier when I have a single bell of the same weight.
Hey friends!  I've been on the PM for the past 3 months and am very pleased with the results.   I hit some goals: 5 getups  with the 24 kg bell on both side as well as 1-arm swinging the same bell for 200 reps in 10 minutes.  I wanted to change it up a little so I started my variation of the Rite of Passage.  Basically C & Presses + Pullups with a couple easy variety days.


I would like to get some critique on my clean and press.  I can clean and press the 24 kg bell for about 4-5 reps but I decided to  work my progressions with a  18 kg bell until I get my technique a little cleaner.  Here it is:
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