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Kettlebell I finished Simple!


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Today I knocked out the Simple test.

I performed ten sets of ten one-arm swings with a 70lb dumbbell in 9:20.

I took one minute rest.

Then I performed ten sets of one Turkish-get-up in 8:59.

I did five sets on each side.

During my second Turkish get-up (on my right, dominant side) I failed the eccentric portion. I repeated it, but then I failed lowering it again. It was not even the second rep and two minutes had already passed by.

I began to doubt myself and ask, "Is it really going to happen today?" I tried once more and I failed to even get it up.

At this point I told myself, "It's not even about the time anymore. Let's get through this."

I completed the rep.

Then I completed the next one.

And all of a sudden on I'm a roll. I'm in agony, and every rep is getting more painful. On the 8th rep, I met my maker, "The Burn", and I conquered it.

My total time including rest was 19:20.

My gym's got a 55lb kettlebell (over 1 1/2 poods) and a 97lb kettlebell (2 3/4 poods), so I used dumbbells in progression of 5's to escalate load. At one point I did six sets with the largest kettlebell (after beginning with a 60lb dumbbell that day).

I began the journey barely able to lift up a pood.

In fact, I had a phobia of kettlebells and would say that this program has been a life-changing experience for me, mentally and physically.

I have discovered balance and co-ordination and I know what it's like to fight through soreness and despair.

I would recommend this program to anyone who desires improvement of any sort - and is willing to toil for it.

Thank you, Pavel!

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BJJ Shawn

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Nice work, especially using a dumbbell.

For reference though, Timed Simple is 5 minutes for the swings, one minute rest, and 10 minutes for the get ups.
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