I Swung Something Heavy Tonight

Oso Rojo

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First time back in the gym today. After squatting and deadline, I finished off with some swings. I'm been swinging 40kg at home and getting 100 swings in under 9 minutes. So it was time to move up. All the gym has is a 36kg and a 48kg. So I did five sets of 5 on the 48. I could have done more but I was already gassed from the barbell work. It was heavy and I knew it but it was doable!

Thank you for letting me brag. As we march up through the weights, sometimes I get fixated on glass ceiling, thinking maybe this old man can do that next step. Well this is the ticket to Sinister in the swing. I've been there, experienced it, and it's not that bad. Over the next couple of weeks I'll work the swing count up to 100 and make it the new norm.

Note: I'm dead lifting and squatting for rehab so that's the priority, but I don't want to give up my dream of 48!

Oso Rojo

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Thank you all for the support! I live the community around here. I can't wait for tomorrow evening to do 5 sets of 6.


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In first days of July I was stalled with 40k on one arm swings. So I decided to do next 10 weeks Q&D...

Today I tried to swing 48kg and I have to say, those feel pretty easy :). I did 40kg x10/4 and 48kgx10/6. Feels great! Next week I do full set with 48kg. Super.
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