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Discussion in 'Other' started by Adam R Mundorf, May 11, 2018.

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    To eliminate survivor bias just buy programs that have return policies like GMB and GymnasticBodies. A return policy says the person is so confident in everybody's success that they will even give you the money back.

    And worst thing happens? You return it.
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    Let's see...tuck planche, strict muscle up, press to handstand (I had to look that up), freestanding handstand pushups...since 99.9% of the population can't do those (partly because they aren't training for them), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that person is not "average." (I think we are in agreement here.)

    So take a "not average" person and have him spend a "much more than average" amount of time working out, and you'll have something impressive after 3 months. (I haven't even clicked the links above to see what type of progress the guy made.)
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    I don't get the hype.

    Some movements are cool.

    But i've seen normal people who train calisthenics do much more impressive stuff than him.
    They got there by constant work abd grit.
    Why waste so much money if most of the material is free?
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    A strict muscle-up is a pretty rare thing to see in any gym.

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    Think you have to take a step back when you see extremes and covet them. Not that it is a bad thing at all but, you know, perspective. For as much as I'd like to do a one arm handstand and back flip out of it to show off to my grand kids, getting up and down on the floor pain free and with grace is much more of a life focused movement to acquire first and to maintain. And, yeah, plenty of achievable strength and movement skills to acquire, learn and perfect but not 6 hours a day, no. When I was 15-24, yes but that was a while ago!! A strict ring muscle up is on my list, certainly!
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    Yes of course. That's what I like about Ido. It isn't just flashy things. That's what people assumes of him. He is about Movement. If you're older and want to move well and pain free, his method delivers all the same:

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    Fair enough. I know he advocates movement in any and all its forms, be it ballet, martial arts, whatever. All good. Movement is movement, as Gray Cook says......if that video hadn't had Ido's signature at the beginning it would be difficult to say whether it was a video for the fms ground force method, movnat, animal flow. Scott. Sonnon mobility thing, original strength or any martial art warm up, or even some yoga pilates mash up. I m not knocking any of it, far from it , I do as I'm sure many here do, practice that level of movement daily or try to, time available etc.
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    I suspect both.
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    I've met Ido Portal in our gym. When he is in Berlin he trains there weightlifting or at least he did some years ago. He was very friendly and we chatted a little bit.

    While I enjoyed his videos I never really understood his training. Movement for what? It appears by watching the videos he does a lot of different things, including acrobatics, but I do not understand the point to it. Many of the things sure look cool, but what is the larger benefit carrying over to other things?
    I'd rather understand to train like a decathlet or doing Movnat with a specific set of skills. This is not critism. I'd be delighted if anyone who follows his work more closely can enlighten me.
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    In his earlier days, Ido had a lot of free material on the interwebz. Antranik has collected it here: The Floreio Project

    Aleks Salkin recently sent a mail about Ido's methods. Basically he was saying that his methods work - but probably only for a certain kind of people. Most people need less variety but intelligent, followable programs with a enough "sameness" and "variety" ("same but different"). I think Strong First + Original Strength delivers most of the good stuff that Ido's methods would (mainly healthy strength and movement capability). If you like you could then add some Capoeira, Gymnastics, BJJ, Judo, Dance or Yoga for movement expression...

    And there is a new piece on his movement on the atlantic: The Viral Video Star Behind the Fitness Fad That May Replace CrossFit
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    Beautiful clip! Done with control and patience :)

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