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Augustus F-N

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Hello. I was hoping to get some advice about starting IF and to hear about some of your experiences.

I've always been a three squares kind of guy, but lately I've been considering skipping breakfast, as much for convenience as anything else. This should land me in roughly a 16:8 window. I have a couple of questions for anyone who has eaten like this, or in a more aggressive form of IF.

Firstly. How long did it take to adjust? I've heard horror stories of hunger pangs and general fogginess for a short period, after which mental focus is greatly improved. This would not concern me, and I'd be happy to power through - but I'll be starting a new (office) job in ten days or so and I don't want to make a bad impression by being vacant or away with the fairies. Is ten days enough of an adjustment period?

Second. How well does training first thing in the morning work with missing breakfast? I know the whole post exercise window of gainz is overhyped. But would the stress of fasting, on top of the stress of having trained, be too much? Would blood sugar be too low to focus?

I know, I know - I should experiment for myself, and I will do. I was just curious to hear some experiences, given that I don't have all that long to try before I start my new job.


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I've been doing it for 10 months. Adaptation was short and easy. Maybe a week being a bit hungry during the morning, that's it.

About training: I have trained s&s first thing in the morning, 5 hours before eating. All good. I haven't tried more intense routines though

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Timing your training depends on the training in my experience. If training with high intensity regardless of volume, I think eating close after training is more sustainable. However, if doing all fat adapted training whether LSD cardio, A+A, S&S, etc. training while fasted is not a problem and probably even ideal.

Previously I was a morning trainer exclusively but I've become a big fan of IF with training right when I get home from work and eating dinner right after training.

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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1st: the adjustment period took a couple of weeks for me, on Leangains specifically. oddly enough the adjustment period felt more "productive" in terms of fat loss than when I became more adjusted to it. hope that makes sense.

2nd: sometimes I became quite hungry after I worked out in the morning. this made the hunger of the fast a bit harder to deal with, practically

nothing ever bad happened when i trained in the morning and skipped breakfast though. wasn't even noticeable for me.

have fun, as I said the first month or so of fasting made a big difference for me, in terms of both body composition and improved digestion

Ryan T

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I didn't really have much of an adjustment period. I don't do IF daily, but when I do it's anything 16:8, 20:4 or a full 24 hours. I enjoy IF because it seems simple and uncomplicated. I train fasted these days and usually don't have much of a problem afterward. If it was a particularly hard session and I'm feeling completely gassed then I do not do IF and just eat a nice breakfast.

Jim Lauerman

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If it was a particularly hard session and I'm feeling completely gassed then I do not do IF and just eat a nice breakfast.
This ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I normally have an eating window from noon to 8 p.m. Yesterday I was totally trashed from a surprisingly hard session the day before so I ate a good breakfast. No big deal, I’ll get back to my 16/8 cycle today.

Also, I generally limit my carb intake to under 150 grams. I went over a little yesterday but still no grains, sugar, or vegetable oils.

Much better today.

Perfection is the enemy of good enough.


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I am doing IF for four years now (started in August '14). It did not really took me long to get used to it. ~1-2 weeks and it was not very hard.
It is an extremely convenient way to approach nutrition because I can sleep longer and do not have to carry food with me all day. If, however, I am getting extremely hungy or have a fruit craving I get a banana or two or apples, whatever fruit.
I always train in the afternoon or rather evening after work (I feel more limber and energetic later in the day). After training I have a big meal and then one again before bed.
Here is a typical day for me:

~10:00 wake up
~11:00 to ~17:00 work
~17:00 to ~ 20:00 get home, relax, have coffe (I might have some fruit before training)
~20:00 train
~22:00 big meal
~1:00 to 2:00 meal before bed

Generally speaking, I fast for 14-20h per day. Once I have fasted for 14-16h I might consider having some fruit.

Augustus F-N

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Thank you for the replies. Very encouraging.

It seems the adjustment period, if there is one at all, varies a fair deal.

I've started today. It's mid morning, a little hungry, but perfectly happy, and no loud rumbles. About to go train - should be an interesting experiment.

Cheers again.
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