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If you are a current SFG, SFB, or SFL, and would like admission to our Instructors-Only section of the forum, please PM me by taking these steps:
  • Click Inbox at the top-right of your screen,

  • Choose Start a New Conversation, and

  • Address your message to me, forum admin Steve Freides

Please either include a link to your instructor page on the StrongFirst web site, or include a scan or photo of your instructor certificate clearly showing the date.

NB: If you do not have an instructor page on our web site, that may be because your certification is quite recent and you may rest assured that you will receive email instructions about your page as soon as we are able to take care of that for you, typically within two weeks of the date you complete all your certification requirements. If you believe there may be another issue that is the cause of you not having an instructor page on our site, please email Amanda at admin@strongfirst.com and she will assist you.

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