If you could only stick to 5 exercises?

North Coast Miller

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Loaded pushups
One arm rows
Squat variant of choice
Good Mornings/DL variant of choice
Crunch/Leg raises/ Ab, Oblique specific exercise of choice


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Push up
Pull up
I will change my answer, because I can’t do some of those movements at the moment. Next five movements I can and probably do rest of my life:
Swing (kb)
Clean (kb)
Push press (kb)
Squat (bb, bw, kb or TRX)
Deadlift (bb or one-leg kb)

william bad butt

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For me, right now, its:

Pause squat
Pause deadlift
Floor press
Kettlebell snatch
Walk, a lot (sometimes with load)

This literally sums up my my current train plan.
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