If you could only stick to 5 exercises?

North Coast Miller

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Loaded pushups
One arm rows
Squat variant of choice
Good Mornings/DL variant of choice
Crunch/Leg raises/ Ab, Oblique specific exercise of choice


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Push up
Pull up
I will change my answer, because I can’t do some of those movements at the moment. Next five movements I can and probably do rest of my life:
Swing (kb)
Clean (kb)
Push press (kb)
Squat (bb, bw, kb or TRX)
Deadlift (bb or one-leg kb)

william bad butt

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For me, right now, its:

Pause squat
Pause deadlift
Floor press
Kettlebell snatch
Walk, a lot (sometimes with load)

This literally sums up my my current train plan.


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1)Rear foot split squat / double front squat (I alternate every six-eight weeks)

2)RDL (single leg at home with only KB access, load a barbell next winter)

3)Overhead press (single, double
, barbell whatever I have access to)

4)Pull ups

5)A form of steady state CV x2 times a week with a few harder efforts, from ten seconds to eight minute climbs. Nothing too structured


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If I were to choose right now, I'd probably say:
1. Swings
2. Pistols
3. Push-ups (1 handed)
4. Bridges
5. Pop-ups (Movnat style. I am not competent at standard muscle-ups)


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For me:
  1. Front squat (barbell)
  2. Deadlift
  3. Clean & Jerk (barbell)
  4. Snatch (barbell)
  5. Pull-up
Pull-ups are included mainly because I enjoy them and also because they're the only exercise that would give my spine a chance to decompress.


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1. Big push (explosive push-up, viking press, bench press, push press...).
2. Big pull (explosive jumping, overspeed swing, snatch, deadlift...).
3. Long locomotion (running, rucking, swimming...).

Philippe Geoffrion

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It depends what you mean by body composition and what you consider ideal. There are a thousand different means to this I.e posture, size, weight loss, symmetry, balance, gait, flexibility, mobility, specific skill improvement...

These all change body company somewhat but an ideal composition is going to be different for a rock climber than a sprinter than a power lifter than a swimmer. What do you want to achieve?

I like to think training elevates our abilities to function optimally or above in the unpredictability of life.

If you asked me 2 months ago, I’d have said...zercher cycle, clean and press (two I guess) Deadlift, and floor press, as I trained in a park with a bent, rusty pipe and 26 kg plates, all crushed and morphed somewhat. These lifts provided everything and more.

Now, the parks are closed, all I have is myself so I say planche, pistols, pull-ups, front lever and handstands...and they too, fit the bill perfectly, offering a new challenge and unprecedented progress in a method I’d shunned previously.

Having less options is really a blessing sometimes. Training is not only picking the right tool for the job, it’s also finding out how to make it work if you find yourself unequipped.
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