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Kettlebell If you could only train for 10 min, what would you do?

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Hi all,

So I have been doing S&S for the last 3 months with the 16 and really happy with it. But, a month ago my little baby girl was born :) so these days my prying goblet squats have been replaced by bathing the little one in a third world squat position (I am Argentinean so the term never suited better).

As you can guess, my training time has dissapeared, so Im thinking of the best ways to try to keep my body moving with the little time Ive got, not chasing any particular goal. Luckily Ive been doing ok with sleep time and nutrition. I guess I can fit a 10-15 min routine every day, so these are my ideas:

- S&S swings one day, TGU the next day. (Maybe replace swings by snatches to keep overhead work if I dont do TGU that day)
- Simply Sinister if Im feeling very energetic.
- If I have time in the weekend, full S&S session

In addition:
- GTG Naked Warrior at the office
- Maybe GTG swings along the day

Any other routines that might be less time consuming than S&S are welcome as well. It usually takes me about 40 min to complete a S&S session.

A few doubts I have about my plans:

- Are swings safe without a proper warm up? I could probably do 1 set of goblet squat before starting.
- Are GTG swings safe? for the same reason as above, if I am GTG then Im not warming up.
I think rather than doing 10-15min at a time, I would find ways to GTG swings and getups throughout the morning and evening (still with the target of 50-100 swings and 2-5 getups).

I did this (GTG, not have a child) recently with the 32kg/70lb, no warm up at all. One thing that helped was doing high rep sets, like 20-60 swings in one go - now you only have to find - brief period to do 3xGTG sets as opposed to 10. Getups you could do one each side after brushing teeth in the am, and another each side in the evening, or more where you can find them.

I also like the idea of swings one day, getups the next.

Really, just be flexibly consistent I think is the goal.
If I were you, I would probably alternate swings and TGUs each day, since you're comfortable/skilled in those movements. If I we're me, I would do snatches every day, and GTG pushups or one-arm pushups. Which is similar to what I am doing right now.

Edit-in regard to warmup, your first couple sets can serve as a warmup. Turn the dial back to a 5 or 6 for a set or two, then ramp it up from there as quickly as you feel is safe. Also, movement practice that's integrated into your day to day life (like squatting while giving baths) rate as being pretty important to me. That is, you know, what we're actually made for ;)
In my opinion, S&S is probably the best option but you could also try to perform the Long Cycle. Bodyweight exercise are also great option if lack of time is the main issue.
Sets of 10 reps within 15 minutes time frame. You can cut down getup to half, meaning repeat first 3 to 4 motions of getup instead of doing all.
GTG swings throughout the day are perfectly safe and a great idea. Maybe save the 15 minutes for the TGU and swing a set every now and then.

OAOL PU + Pistol + 100 Heavy 1h swings (S&S like) would be my combination.

Kind regards,


Congratulations. Just do what you can and leave plenty in the tank. Also don't feel guilty if you miss a day. You have a few months of being exhausted coming (or your body just gets use to it lol). Eat right, sleep when you can and stay active as possible. That is what I did and I think it was around 7 months or so, I could settle into a workout routine. I had to drop down to 4 days a week. My 15 month old keeps me plenty active.
Thanks all for the great suggestions. On the one hand, I like the idea of GTG swings and keep the 10 min for the GU. But I think this option kind of loses the conditioning portion of S&S swings, as I would never keep my heart rate up.

Maybe I´ll go with 10/15 min of swings of snatches, to keep the conditioning, and then GTG push ups and pistols. And try to add full S&S sessions twice a week, if I can
There are many days where my kid doesn't let me be long enough for a full S&S session so I either wait until she's asleep and do the whole thing, or I do it in bits throughout the day. I still get it all in most days, just in three chunks (goblet squats and haloes, swings, TGUs). This usually takes me 20-30 minutes total in a day.
It's not a perfect solution, but I'm seeing good results anyway.
If I genuinely had only ten minutes total in a day, I'd do swings.
I've had the best results with GTG clean and press, in my case with the 32kg kettlebell. They take almost no time to do, so perfect for GTG, are excellent strength builders, and the still have a modicum of cardio/conditioning quality to them.

The fear I have for short exercise routines is that I won't get enough cardio/conditioning out of them.

The best short time investment exercises I'm doing are the one arm pushups and pistols. I do them in sets of 5. One set of pushups takes about 10 seconds. I can get super strong spending about 5 seconds a day doing one arm pushups!!! BUT, strength is not all that matters! There's little point being strong if you have no cardio!
If you have access to a hill/steps,crawl to the top backwards--this will take care of strength and conditioning.
Another day--alternate pullups with heavy carries.

Dont need much else to cover the bases--grip/upper and lower body strength /conditioning.
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