Improving Iron Shirt Breathing Technique


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I've been working with bodyweight exercises & kettlebells for years and have always focused on maximizing tension to perform controlled pulls/presses. I've recently been rereading The Naked Warrior as a refresher and to pick up any nuances to improve my strength (eg. the corkscrew technique to fire lats during a push up or the static stomp during a squat). Recently, I've been trying to improve my power breathing by using the anal lock to compress my pelvic floor, diaphragm breathing to compress the pelvic ceiling, and firing my abs to compress my pelvic walls. While my midsection feels more stable, I've noticed some of the tension creeping into my head and I am often left with headaches after practicing a given exercise. I was wondering if there were any breathing drills or visualization techniques others use to keep the tension away from their skull and contained within the abdomen. Thanks.

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Welcome, @SilentJ

Focus on keeping your face "impassive" as Pavel says. (I prefer, add a smile... but that doesn't sound as Pavel-ish ;) ). Keeping tension out of the face and neck while the rest of the body is developing maximum tension is definitely a skill in itself!
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