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Other/Mixed Incidental rucking

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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I have a new job and have moved to a new city.

This has come with a lot of advantages, doing what I really want to do, having a garden and a garage which has become my own courage corner. One of the nicest things has been my commute. I no longer need to drive to work. Instead I have a 3km walk through some pretty nice leafy suburbs with some hills included. My hours are somewhat flexible so setting off early or late isn't too much of an issue.

Suddenly the effort to get my 10,000 steps a day in has disappeared. Even if I sat completely still at work (which I don't) I would hit this number.

So I have come up with the plan to load my walk to and from work, optimising my time so that I get some good aerobic work in with my commute. My current plan is to make up a 10kg weight and 2x5kgs out of cement/sandbags wrapped in duct tape (a la Rucking: What It Is and How to Do It ). I can see how I'm feeling each day and leave some weight at home or in my office if needed. Add this in to A+A snatches and a little bit of jump rope and I think I'll be on to a winner.
As someone who loves rucking and rucks a lot, I envy you!

having a selection of weights ready and use them based on how you feel is actually a very good and workable idea! I do the same, I have a base weight that I use, and extend it (or not) with diving weights depending on feel

I would just say one thing, don't make it a ruck / exercise every day, just go and take that walk as a relaxing and refreshing start/end to your day some days, keeps both the rucks and the walks enjoyable. As someone said, it is ok to stop and smell the flowers :)

Congrats for your new job & life :)
I do the same with incredible results as well ! No headache, no overthinking: if I want to carry, I take, if I do, I let them at work / at home.

I use a 10kg backpack. Regarding the backpack in itself, be careful with your back and shoulders. Here's a thread related to that:
Backpack for Rucking as part of SFG1 prep

Kind regards,

@pet' thanks! It'll be nice to keep it as simple as possible :)

@ClaudeR I will certainly take thay advice. I am buying my cement bags this weekend after my second week with this daily walk. It's amazing the positivr impact a morning and evening walk can have on your mood!
3km is a short distance so you will be able to play a lot with weight and desired exertion!
Aside from the obvious (heavy pack/light pack/no pack, go longer, shorter, faster, slower) etc, you could even add a light KB (16kg? lighter than you expect) that you carry in your hands as a loaded carry to make a lot more of it... you could add a few sets of goblet squats or swings or anything during the walk very easily...

really, the options you have are endless, you will enjoy this tremendously!!! i get all excited just thinking about what you could do :D
@DavThew, just another option for you - walking can be "soft" practice time and in a variety of ways. Consider also, at least some of the time, walking as well as you can without addition weight and without the pressure of a heart rate monitor. Instead, see how _low_ you can keep your pulse and how relaxed-yet-tall you can keep your posture. See if you can feel your arms swinging freely and your t-spine moving. Try a few steps at a time, assuming your surrounding allow this, with your eyes closed.


If you are going to be rucking every day, it might be worth it to invest in a single GORUCK filler sandbag. Get the 40 lb bag and then you can put as much or as little sand in it as you like. I found that I can stuff 50 lbs of sand in the 40lb bag. The velcro closure is super strong so you will not spill any sand and it is made of a tough condura nylon that will last forever. You can also fill it with gravel or whatever else you want. I have been using these for years.
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