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Other/Mixed Indian Club Suggestions

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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Does anyone have Indian Club company suggestions? I would like to use wood rather than metal. I am looking at Revolution Clubs made in USA and of white oak (I like the Victorian models)
Revolution Clubs

I am also debating just trying my own as I have a buddy with a lathe and woodshop/experience.

Also curious about the weight for a beginner. I am reading the olde timey club book by Simon Kehoe and he suggests a six to ten pound club which I think is way too heavy for a proper movement practice BUT I am brand new to Indian Clubs. I thought the 2lb club would suffice nicely for a movement practice. I am a big guy and fairly fit (6'1", 230lb).

Thank you in advance!
I make all my clubs out of wood, the plastic ones are just too expensive here to justify the the cost. If I was in the US I probably just would have picked up a set of plastic clubs and would have been quite happy with them.

I'd suggest to start light. maybe 1 or 2 Lbs max. Even a lighter club can be a worthwhile investment. I don't really don't think of my clubs as a strength training tool for the most part (although the heavier clubs certainly are). For me they are mostly for mobility and rehab/prehab.

If you start with anything heavier than approx 2 lbs per club you just won't get the most out of them It sounds silly but even at 2 Lbs the reciprocal mass of the clubs is something you have to experience to appreciate.

Wrist mobility is a big issue with Indian clubs and I've never met anyone with the mobility to handle a big club without starting with smaller ones. It's a neuromusclar shock to the system.

Buy some smaller clubs first and then step it once you have the basics down.
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Revolution is easily my favorite company for clubs. Feels great in the mitts and made in the USA from sustainable sources--what's not to love?

I feel that irrespective of an individual's physical strength, 1-2 pounds are sufficient for a lifetime of training. While I do own a beautiful pair of 3-pounders (Revolution), I find them a bit unwieldy for doubles work. Not entirely ruling out operator error, though...

With the Indian clubs, it's about the fluidity of the movement. Think of this particular style of relatively light club swinging as the Yang to the Yin of handstyle heavy lifting, if the analogy helps at all.
i bought 2 pound clubs to start with and found them quite satisfying. I believe that's what you'll find most males starting with

i got the garagefit indian clubs off of amazon and couldn't be happier. those puppies are indestructible
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