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Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Spencer907, Feb 18, 2019.

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    So long story short Ive never had any shoulder issues or serious injuries. This last 2 weeks however looking back I have been doing WAY too much overhead pressing although it was light weight and in the form of a circuit routine. last week my left shoulder was hurting me right in the front delt whenever I raised my arm up in front or beside me. Fast forward 3 days later and it is feeling 99% better but my RIGHT shoulder is now exhibiting the same exact pain as my left did but even worse!. Its NOT a rotator cuff tear as the symptoms and tests Ive done for that do not point to rotator cuff stuff. All the signs point toward Bicep Tendinitis but Ive NEVER experienced this before. Im hoping to just lay off any overhead or direct shoulder work for a week or two and hope it goes away. Anyone else ever experience this?. It just came on so fast and out of the blue.
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    Hello Spencer
    No doctor here but a simple rule is, if it hurts you, don't do it. ..
    Probably overuse or too much too fast. Back away, heal up and reassess, get it checked out by a doctor if the pain persists.
    Pressing causes me grief but I do have a shoulder problem, so I don't OH press, pulls are very body friendly so most of my focus is on those. If pressing is causing problems for you look at technique, volume, loading etc.
    If the program gives you pain and problems, drop it and reassess the why, the what, and then the how of reaching your training goals.
    JMHO, best of luck
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    Thank you. Its from over use Im sure. Ive started incorporating crossfit style circuits into my routine in an attempt to bring my cardio level and general fitness up. Ive been that guy lifting heavy for 5 reps and under for awhile and as a result im strong and big but my cardio and general fitness sucks. So between thrusters, cleans, KB swings, push ups, and chin ups every other day with my heart pounding out of my chest I think Ive put in A LOT more reps than I normally do and it caught up to me. True to Form I pushed it much too hard on something new. Its better today so thats encouraging but Im still not going press for a bit
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    I'm a reformed glycolytic training junky, A+A has saved my body, I'm accumulating some heavy weight for significant volume and recovering well. I also am a former LED snob, thinking I was covered by my other training. Get stronger and build your aerobic base the easy way through alactic strength training and aerobic recovery.
    @Al Ciampa has his online gym up and running, well worth a look IMHO
    Be Well and Strong – A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
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    Garden variety HIIT will do a better job than a lot of CF/metcon work if you're primarily concerned with endurance/cardio, assuming you don't have time for a lot of LSD.

    Another thing that a lot of people let slide when doing metcons is their form. In particular keeping the shoulder joint positively tensioned when doing dynamic/explosive lifts.
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    This^ is a great point..
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    You might want to look at A+A and or LED locomotive training if you are serious about bringing your 'cardio' and general fitness up.
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