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Bellow are the daily sledging rations for Roald Amundsen's team, the Norse people who where the first humans to make it to the South Pole. Outstanding.

75 grams dried milk
125 grams chocolate - that would be a chocolate bar
400 grams biscuits (whole wheat flour, oats, yeast, some dried milk) - pack of good biscuits
375 grams pemmican (meat, fat, some veggies and oats)
melted snow, maybe some coffee

So about 1 kilo of food.

What do you think?


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That is a lot of energy. To me the choices make sense. It would be interesting to know how they felt about the food and how their body composition developed during the trip.

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@Butch it's a lot of bulk, but I wonder how nutritious food that could survive that long without spoiling really was back then.


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I watched a documentary that discussed the feeding rations for the competing (and ultimately doomed) Scott's team from the UK.

Scott tried to use some motorised support I believe and it could not cope with the conditions. As soon as they had to walk more and pull their own sleds they basically started to starve to death and they were consuming a lot of calories.

Amundsen's genius was to rely on more dog power - I believe they also ate the dogs periodically - which doesn't appear on the menu above.

I'm pretty sure no matter what you eat polar exploration would be a pretty good way to lose weight.
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