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Kettlebell Iron Cardio

Hey @Brett Jones .......... I have the videos, is there information in the book that is not in the videos ?

EDITED : Found the book, see below post from Pavel Kosenkov for book location.

Will read it .........
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Congratulations @Brett Jones on publishing the book!

Short review:
This book covers a lot of ground on the personal background, the general exercise science background, and the practical: From execise selection, general parameters, to variations and specific programming. Everything is well laid out. (Given the many variations, just READING it might feel a little overwhelming. I guess the solution is to try it, refine it, and get a feel for it.)

I anticipate, at least for those only owning the book and not the videos, a couple of questions:
Which kind of warmup would be suitable?
How hard should a heavy session feel?
Are there guidlines for progressing to heavier bells?
How do I determine my max reps?

Thank you Brett for sharing your wisdom. I am sure that I will use this format in the future, probably alternating sessions with S&S or KBSF Plan A/B.
Brett, thanks a lot. A great read.
Would you please comment on these 2 questions?
1. When doing S&S + IC sessions, do you really have to focus on waving the IC explicitly? Isn't that so that S&S serves as variety as well?
2. How do you decide, when to finish with the swing, and when not? Also, do you do swing finishers if you are alternating IC and S&S?
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