Is Dragondoor getting out of the kettlebell business?


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Hi, I'm looking for a second 36 kg bell, I figured I would check out dragondoor as they always sold quality products. Imagine my surprise to find nearly all of their kettlebells out of stock! Even the 16, 24, and 32 kg bells are unavailable. The only ones in stock were a few odd sizes. Does anyone know what's up?

Also, has anyone used Roguefitness kettlebells? Perform Better sells a 36kg bell, but it's $135; Rogue's is only $99. My current 36 kg bell is dragondoor, so I would want whatever bell is the closest match.

Sean M

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I like my Rogue bells (I have 24kg and 28kg); they would be my first recommendation.

I also like my 32kg Ethos brand from d@#$'s Sporting Goods.

My smaller bells (20kg and under) are CAP brand from Walmart and they are fine for their purpose. I got each of those on roll-back/deep sales of just under $1/pound.

Mike Torres

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I started buying kettlebells from DD years ago (2010) and now have 18 or so. While I'm almost at "peak bell ownership", I would hate for them to stop selling them entirely. I did just reluctantly buy a 56kg from KB Kings (it's sitting in my driveway, delivered this morning) because DD maxes out at 48kg.

@griggski I have one Perform Better bell and don't like it much. The handle is noticeably thicker than DD and I had to remove the rubber bumper from the bottom with a screwdriver (who thought it was a good idea to add that?) - so it doesn't seem like a "good match" to DD. Can't speak for Rogue but I've heard good things.


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I have a few Rogues and one Kettlebell King. I like the KK better, so future bells will be KK.


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I have mostly DD bells but a couple of Rogue bells also. I prefer the Rogue.

Tim Randolph

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I have been very happy with the bells I have gotten from them and the service.

Norville Barnes

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I looked at KB Kings and the 36 kg costs $165! I think I'll go with the Rogue.
KBK includes shipping and often runs sales. Discount codes are available with a quick google search I'm sure. Rogue doesn't include shipping so the price may be a lot closer than it seems.

Both are good bells in my experience.


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@Niek Schokkenbroek The “Russian reds” were a sort of special edition Kettlebell they released years ago, they weren’t the standard issue bells sold on the site. I’m not surprised that they don’t make them anymore, but I’m very surprised to see the standard kettlebells out of stock.


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DD Bells are produced in China. Coronavirus surfaced in late December. Maybe they are producing in the areas that are on lockdown or something like that and can't stock up again.
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