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Kettlebell Is it acceptable to perform double cleans with kettlebells of different weights?


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I am currently practicing the kettle-bell clean. I practice with a 12kg and 16kg.
However, I must eventually transition to performing the double clean.
However, my gym does not have enough kettle-bells. It only has the following weights.
  • 2x of 10kg
  • 1x of 12kg
  • 1x of 14kg
  • 1x of 16kg
  • 1x of 20kg
  • 1x of 24kg
What is the rule taught on performing the double clean with two kettle-bells of different weights?
For example, performing it with a 10kg and 12 kg, or 12kg and 14kg, or even 16kg and 20kg, etc.
I’m cheap and run all my doubles programs this way. I do have an adjustable/plate loaded one that can go up to 24k. I just did a 12 week program using a 24/28k combo, no real complaints.
I strongly encourage it. When lifting heavy loads and moving heavy objects around (furniture, appliances, etc.) you cannot always ensure weight is evenly distributed. Same with grappling.
Great thread question. I have been avoiding double cleans since I don't want to spend the money on duplicate kettlebells. But if its acceptable to use different weights then I will try it. Actually, I don't care if its "acceptable", I'm more worried its dangerous.
Enter the Kettlebell Plus from Milo Journal works primarily on uneven bells. I let my clients work on uneven weights almost every training with at least some exercises. For woman I go about 4 kg difference, male 8 kg difference.
Using uneven bells for doubles is certainly "acceptable," not particularly dangerous (as with anything, given decent technique and appropriate loading), and there are theoretically benefits to it.

However, it's definitely not for me. I just really hate the feel of unmatched doubles. And since I have a choice, I never use unmatched pairs.

Unevenly loading a barbell has the same "advantages" and pretty much no one ever does that as a part of normal training.

I'm not saying it's bad or wrong in any universal or abstract sense, but personally I'd rather just roll with single bell drills and programs if the alternative is using uneven doubles.
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