Is It Good To Train For Mass (Hypertrophy)?

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I wonder how age changes it? Like, all else the same, how would you score at 20 years old vs 50?
This is just to compare with the average.
For example the "normal" range for 19-24 years old people ranges from 19-24, but for 45-54 years old it ranges from 22-27. So if you score a 26 at 20years you're considered overweight, but if you score a 26 with 50years you're not.


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A little late to the party here...

Disclaimer, I am not a professional. I think training for Mass and Hypertrophy is good as long as it doesn't interfere with "fundamental" movement patterns like running (covering a distance, long and short), jumping, basic climbing and pulling yourself over an obstacle, like a wall or simply doing pullups.

I also believe Protein in excess of 200g per day is not necessary for the average joe, even somewhat huge weekend warriors that do 4x12 Benching with < 100 kg


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Sometime the weight changes the way you play.
I remember 6 or 7 months ago, when i lost nearly 8 kg in one month. I got faster, but easy to push. before that i used to be a "tough guy" at my team whose bulled opponents. my position is higher on the field- from centre back, to centre midfielder, to attacking midfielder. But i lacked skills and brain cells to play the new role, so i lost the starting position. at that point, i began to think maybe gaining some mass will do some good after all
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modern bodybuilding to me is one of there worst persuits you can do for your health and apperiance. you have extreme amount of mass that isn't remotely useful, and there is no skill involved. old school BBers had function, Tommy Kono was a great American Olympic lifter and athlete and going back further Eugen Sandow was very muscular and could do amazing feats of strength. I would love to see Ronnie Coleman (or other modern BBer) do anything close to those two.
My opinion of course, but if you only look like you can perform but can't actually do anything but pose whats the point?
I agree with you.

But this was damn impressive, especially since on competition day their cutting can't have done anything but decrease strength.
Although maybe dehydration and such balances it out since there's less weight to move.
Still quite hard.
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