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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Simply strong, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Simply strong

    Simply strong Double-Digit Post Count

    If your training heavy snatches is it necessary to do any other pressing? I can’t think what muscles would be trained by a press that aren’t trained by the 3 TSC lifts given the snatches are heavy enough.
  2. Sean M

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    I would agree with this, for the TSC at least.

    A strong press does let you snatch heavier, which means test bell becomes that much lighter, so more reps = better performance in TSC. So working on the press is still necessary in a year-round plan with twice a year TSC training, just maybe not as much in the 6-8 weeks leading up to each one.
  3. fractal

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    I increased my long stagnant press by A+A snatching with basically zero pressing. My grumpy shoulder thanked me for it as well.
  4. Tony Gracia

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    I think a lot of people who train seriously for the TSC do little-to-no pressing. There is already a lot of overhead work with pull ups and snatches, so many people find that to be sufficient. So is it "necessary" ... probably not. Could you do it if you wanted to? Probably :)
  5. Phil12

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    I did zero press training for the TSC.

    That said, overhead press makes the world a better place and you should do it ;)
  6. Simply strong

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    Thank you for the great replies!

    I may throw in some get ups as oh pressing does make the world a better place.

    I’m doing deadlifts twice a week, pull ups 5 days a week and snatches three times a week so what would be recommended for get ups?
  7. Sean M

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    @Simply strong IMO, a light/moderate weight for warmup, or if you have a variety of bells, work up a ladder to a moderately heavy bell, perhaps even a partial rep with a bell you can’t yet do a full rep with.

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