Is it possible that tensing the hands in one-arm push-ups damages the elbows?

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Jason B., May 21, 2019.

  1. Jason B.

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    Here's why I ask: I've been doing Naked Warrior high-tension stuff for the past two weeks and, when I went back to martial arts tonight, my elbows were very sensitive. And now they're aching. They should be tip top after two weeks off.

    By wild coincidence, a few days ago I read an article by Paul Wade in which he claimed his mentor, Joe Hartigen, said that pressing a barbell causes elbow problems because you're clenching the bar and, therefore, the flat hand of a push-up is better.

    because of reading this article so recently, I'm wondering if it's possible that maximally tensing my hands in the OAPs is damaging my elbows. They are aching right now.
  2. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    Do you think its possible you overdid it? Nw is a low dose program, ideally
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  3. LukeV

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    I have brittle elbows and haven't known pressing to aggravate them particularly but pulling exercises definitely (eg seated row) and the harder I have to grip (ie the more pressure on the fingers) the more the trouble on the inside of the elbow joint at the tendon (golfer's elbow)
  4. North Coast Miller

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    Excessive static contraction of the hands can aggravate tennis or golfer's elbow.
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  5. Maine-ah KB

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    painful elbows could be caused by a lot of stuff. I actually get elbow pain from when my wrist tendinitis flairs up. the flat hand position can be brutal, I would try OAPU on your knuckles for a little and see if that improves your elbow pain.
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  6. North Coast Miller

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    I do my OAPU and all my PU variations on a pole passed through the handles of a pair of kettlebells resting on their side. Gives me a better grip and accommodates my lack of wrist mobility. I've also done them on a small bag of sand or shot, anything to keep the hand from running at full extension will help.
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  7. Jason B.

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    Well, after playing around I realized that I was rolling my shoulders forward and doing almost a tiger-bend one-arm push-up. Once I put the shoulder in place, the strain on my elbow disappeared.
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